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News: Complete!
This catalogue is now complete! Sermons will continue to be migrated to kybr as the work progresses there.

News: Sort out
I have completed a number of significant tasks, some which keep the maintenance of this site as easy as possible. The site will no longer allow caching to keep up to date all the time. Also, the catalogue below now has kybr column - a cross reference to the same sermon on the new website. Any sermon which has a kybr code will only be downloadable from the new site.

News: Jude
I have got round to putting some Jude sermons on from John Martin. They are not in my collection

News: He who wins Souls is Wise
Thanks again to John Martin for providing missing sermons of Slavery or Freedom and God's work and God's worker in He who wins Souls is Wise

News: Living for Christ - Today!
Thanks to John Martin for providing missing sermons of Abortion and Feminism in Living for Christ - Today!

News: Sermon Outlines
Thanks to Trevor and Susan Keam for providing Stuart's notes for 'The Lord Jesus Christ' and 'Where do we go from here?' (which is on the alternate site - link above).

News: Zechariah
Thanks to Mat Taylor for providing the missing sermons in Zechariah

News: Sermon Tracts
The next obvious step is to convert the sermons into tracts. If anyone has done such work, email me and I will place it online.

News: This We Believe
A link to Stuart's study notes for the series have been added to tape 153-a. Thanks to Chris Good for this.


JudeBeware of fifth columnistsJude 1-11361997
JudeDescriptions and ReindeersJude 12-19321997
JudeRemaining SurefootedJude 20-25301997

tape kybr code series title passage length year
001-a SOLEV01Leviticus - Its Offerings & FeastsThe Burnt Offering.Lev 1:1-17411980
001-b SOLEV01Leviticus - Its Offerings & FeastsThe Food Offering.Lev 2:1-16381980
002-a SOLEV02Leviticus - Its Offerings & FeastsThe Sin Offering.Lev 4:1-35421980
002-b SOLEV02Leviticus - Its Offerings & FeastsThe Trespass Offering.Lev 5:14-6:7461980
003-a SOLEV03Leviticus - Its Offerings & FeastsThe Peace Offering.Lev 3:1-17381980
003-b SOLEV03Leviticus - Its Offerings & FeastsThe Feast of the Passover & Unleavened Bread.Lev 23:1-8421980
004-a SOLEV04Leviticus - Its Offerings & FeastsThe Feast of the First Fruits.Lev 23:1-14401980
004-b SOLEV04Leviticus - Its Offerings & FeastsThe Festival of Pentecost.Lev 23:15-22391980
005-a SOLEV05Leviticus - Its Offerings & FeastsThe Festival of Trumpets & Atonement.Lev 23:23-39341980
005-b SOLEV05Leviticus - Its Offerings & FeastsThe Feast of Tabernacles.Lev 23:33-44361980
006-a SOEJA01Elijah. (1 Kings 17 - 2 Kings 2)A man who made his mark for God.1 Kgs 17:1361978
006-b SOEJA01Elijah. (1 Kings 17 - 2 Kings 2)He made his mark for God, How about you ?1 Kgs 17:2-16341978
007-a SOEJA02Elijah. (1 Kings 17 - 2 Kings 2)3 Lessons on Trouble & 3 on the Godly Life.1 Kgs 17:17-18:16441978
007-b SOEJA02Elijah. (1 Kings 17 - 2 Kings 2)How to Strike a Blow for God.1 Kgs 18:17-40381978
008-a SOEJA03Elijah. (1 Kings 17 - 2 Kings 2)Powerful Praying.1 Kgs 18:41-46351978
008-b SOEJA03Elijah. (1 Kings 17 - 2 Kings 2)God does Not desert His Saints.1 Kgs 19:1-8421979
009-a SOEJA04Elijah. (1 Kings 17 - 2 Kings 2)A Meeting with God & God gives him a Companion.1 Kgs 19:9-21391979
009-b SOEJA04Elijah. (1 Kings 17 - 2 Kings 2)A Disappointment1 Kings 21:1-24361979
010-a SOEJA05Elijah. (1 Kings 17 - 2 Kings 2)Messages & Messangers.2 Kgs 1:1-18431979
010-b SOEJA05Elijah. (1 Kings 17 - 2 Kings 2)A Holy Prophet leaves this world.2 Kgs 2:1-15411979
011-a SOEJA06Elijah. (1 Kings 17 - 2 Kings 2)The Greater the Light2 Chr 21:1-20351979
011-b SOEJA06Elijah. (1 Kings 17 - 2 Kings 2)Great men Come & Go But Christ remainsMt 17:1-8351979
012-a SOSOS01Song of Solomon - A Lord Worth LovingIntroduction & Method of Interpretation.Song 1:1-17421978
012-b SOSOS01Song of Solomon - A Lord Worth LovingLove First Expressed, Courtship DaysSong 1:1-3:5471978
013-a SOSOS02Song of Solomon - A Lord Worth LovingLove Experienced, The weddingSong 3:6-5:1421978
013-b SOSOS02Song of Solomon - A Lord Worth LovingLove Tried, A troubled dream of separationSong 5:2-6:3341978
014 SOSOS03Song of Solomon - A Lord Worth LovingLove Triumphan,Mutual LoveSong 6:4-8:14481978
015-a SODAN01Daniel - Dare to Stand AloneSay No to Compromise with evil.Dan 1:1-21451979
015-b SODAN01Daniel - Dare to Stand AloneGod's Word Is True & History is in God's HandsDan 2:1-49381979
016-a SODAN02Daniel - Dare to Stand AloneThe Irresistable Force Meets Three ImmoveableDan 3:1-30371979
016-b SODAN02Daniel - Dare to Stand AloneGod Is Soveriegn, Controlling all thinsDan 4:1-37421979
017-a SODAN03Daniel - Dare to Stand AloneWhat must I Do to be Lost ?Dan 5:1-31351979
017-b SODAN03Daniel - Dare to Stand AloneWe Must Obey God Rather Than man.Dan 6:1-28351979
018-a SODAN04Daniel - Dare to Stand AloneThe Vision of the four beasts.Dan 7:1-28331979
018-b SODAN04Daniel - Dare to Stand AloneThe Little Horn.Dan 8:1-27421979
019-a SODAN05Daniel - Dare to Stand AloneThe Great Discovery, Prayer & RevelationDan 9:1-27421979
019-b SODAN05Daniel - Dare to Stand AloneDaniel Sees A Glorious Vision.Dan 10:1-21401979
020-a SODAN06Daniel - Dare to Stand AloneHistory Is His Story.Dan 11:1-20381979
020-b SODAN06Daniel - Dare to Stand AloneAntiochus Epiphanes.Dan 11:20-45371979
021-a SODAN07Daniel - Dare to Stand AloneThe End.Dan 12:1-13391979
022-aAMS01SOAMS01AmosIntroduction & It's Message of Judgement.Amos 1:1-2:5351978
022-bAMS02SOAMS01AmosThe Message of Judgement in Summary.Amos 2:6-4:13461978
023-aAMS03SOAMS02AmosThe Message of Judgement in Detail.Amos 5:1-6:14381978
023-bAMS04SOAMS02AmosLessons on JudgementAmos 7:1-9:10401978
024AMS05SOAMS03AmosStrong Words of HopeAmos 9:11-15501978
025-a SOLUK01LukeIntroduction & The Authority of Christ Words.Lk 4:14-44391977
025-b SOLUK01LukeWho is Jesus,What saynig,Who calling ?Lk 5:1-6:16361977
026 SOLUK02LukeChrist,His cross and youLk 9:18-50461977
027 SOLUK03LukeImportant Lessons for Christian Workers.Lk 10:1-24481977
028-a SOLUK04LukeOur Attitude to Material Possessions.Lk 12:13-34391977
028-b SOLUK04LukeSix Qualities a Christian Must Cultivate to beLk 17:1-37381977
029-a SOLUK05LukeThe Question of Authority.Lk 19:47-20:26471977
029-b SOLUK05LukeWhy Christ Must Die & Why We Must Pray.Lk 22:14-46341977
030-a SOLUK06LukeThe Reaction of Those Present at theLk 23:26-49411977
030-b SOLUK06LukeThe Reaction of Those Witnesses to theLk 24:1-53351977
031-a SOJHN01JohnA Profound Summary of the Truth.Jhn 1:1-18401979
031-b SOJHN01JohnJesus Christ,Who He Is,Why He CameJhn 1:19-34361979
032-a SOJHN02JohnHis First Disciples.Jhn 1:35-2:12401979
032-b SOJHN02JohnA Sign & Three Things Which to Follow.Jhn 2:13-3:21451979
033-a SOJHN03JohnA Question,Answer & ExplanationJhn 3:22-26371979
033-b SOJHN03JohnThe Journey,The converstaion & outcomeJhn 4:1-42411979
034-a SOJHN04JohnA Tale of Two Towns.Jhn 4:43-54351979
034-b SOJHN04JohnThe Healing at Bethesda.Jhn 5:1-47421979
035-a SOJHN05JohnA Day in Christ's School.Jhn 6:1-21401979
035-b SOJHN05JohnI Am The Bread of Life.Jhn 6:22-40421979
036-a SOJHN06JohnThe Reaction to His Claims,"I am the bread of life"Jhn 6:41-71401979
036-b SOJHN06JohnCome See Who Christ Is.Jhn 7:1-53381980
037-a SOJHN07JohnFive Great Truths about Christ.Jhn 8:1-59371980
037-b SOJHN07JohnJesus Is God,The Giver of sightJhn 9:1-41381980
038-a SOJHN08JohnThe Good Shepherd & His Sheep.Jhn 9:39-10:42391980
038-b SOJHN08JohnGod Glorified in the Raising of Lazarus.Jhn 11:1-54461980
039-a SOJHN09JohnJesus - Enemy, Celebrity or FriendJhn 11:55-12:42391980
039-b SOJHN09JohnJesus Gives An Example & A New Commandment.Jhn 13:1-38401980
040-a SOJHN10JohnCome Know & Work for The Father Through Christ.Jhn 14:1-14371980
040-b SOJHN10JohnChrist Gift to His People.Jhn 14:15-31461980
041-a SOJHN11JohnOur Relationship With Christ,Each Other & WorldJhn 15:1-27431980
041-b SOJHN11JohnWhat to Expect Before Christ's Second Coming.Jhn 16:1-33381980
042 SOJHN12JohnThe Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed.Jhn 17:1-26481980
043 SOJHN13JohnTeachings About Christ & Man.Jhn 18:1-19:16451980
044-a SOJHN14JohnThe Darkest Hour In History.Jhn 19:16-42461980
044-b SOJHN14JohnSeven Surprises.Jhn 20:1-21:25371980
045-a1CR01SO1CR01Corinthians - First LetterThings to Remember & to Put Right.1 Cor 1:1-17421978
045-b1CR02SO1CR01Corinthians - First LetterThe ways of God in Saving His people.1 Cor 1:17-31481978
046-a1CR03SO1CR02Corinthians - First LetterThe Gospel,its simplicity & profundity & implication Cor 2:1-16421978
046-b1CR04SO1CR02Corinthians - First LetterChristian Growth & The Grief of Immaturity to God1 Cor 3:1-4481978
047-a1CR05SO1CR03Corinthians - First LetterPrinciples for Christian Work. Part 11 Cor 3:5-17331978
047-b1CR06SO1CR03Corinthians - First LetterPrinciples for Christian Work. Part 21 Cor 3:18-4:7461978
048-a1CR07SO1CR04Corinthians - First LetterLessons About Christian Work.1 Cor 4:8-21411978
048-b1CR08SO1CR04Corinthians - First LetterChurch Discipline.1 Cor 5:1-13411978
049-a1CR09SO1CR05Corinthians - First LetterA Rebuke & A Warning.1 Cor 6:1-11441979
049-b1CR10SO1CR05Corinthians - First LetterSin Matters.1 Cor 6:12-20341979
050-a1CR11SO1CR06Corinthians - First LetterThe Christian & Marriage.1 Cor 7:1-16411979
050-b1CR12SO1CR06Corinthians - First LetterQuestions on Marriage.1 Cor 7:17-40421979
051-a1CR13SO1CR07Corinthians - First LetterThe Problem of Christian Liberty.1 Cor 8:1-13381979
051-b1CR14SO1CR07Corinthians - First LetterWhen Not to Exercise Our Rights.1 Cor 9:1-27391979
052-a1CR15SO1CR08Corinthians - First LetterThe Peril of Apostacy.1 Cor 10:1-15361979
052-b1CR16SO1CR08Corinthians - First LetterTwo Issues Reconciled.1 Cor 10:14-11:1391979
0531CR17SO1CR09Corinthians - First LetterThe Role of Men & Women.1 Cor 11:2-16531979
0541CR18SO1CR10Corinthians - First LetterThe Lord's Table.1 Cor 11:17-34581979
0551CR19SO1CR11Corinthians - First LetterSpiritual Gifts.1 Cor 12:1-31521979
056-a1CR20SO1CR12Corinthians - First LetterBaptism of the Spirit.1 Cor 12:13341979
056-b1CR21SO1CR12Corinthians - First LetterLove, the greatest gift1 Cor 13:1-8471979
0571CR22SO1CR13Corinthians - First LetterThe Gift of Prophecy, tongues & knowledge1 Cor 13:8-13471979
058-a1CR23SO1CR14Corinthians - First LetterPrinciples Applying to the Gifts of Prophecy & tongue1 Cor 14:1-25341979
058-b1CR24SO1CR14Corinthians - First LetterDirections for Public Worship.1 Cor 14:26-40311979
059-a1CR25SO1CR15Corinthians - First LetterThe Resurrection of Christ.1 Cor 15:1-20391979
059-b1CR26SO1CR15Corinthians - First LetterThe Consequence of Christ Resurrection.1 Cor 15:20-34391979
060-a1CR27SO1CR16Corinthians - First LetterThe Resurrection of the Christian.1 Cor 15:35-58371979
060-b1CR28SO1CR16Corinthians - First LetterPaul's Final Requests & Greetings.1 Cor 16:1-24371979
061-aGAL01SOGAL01GalatiansIntroduction & The True Gospel.Gal 1:1-10541979
061-bGAL02SOGAL01GalatiansSaved & Commissioned to Preach Sovereign Grace.Gal 1:11-24341979
062-aGAL03SOGAL02GalatiansA Consultation & A Confrontation.Gal 2:1-14451979
062-bGAL04SOGAL02GalatiansA Summary of the True Gospel.Gal 2:15-21401979
063-aGAL05SOGAL03GalatiansThe True Gospel, justification by faithGal 3:1-18371979
063-bGAL06SOGAL03GalatiansThe Place of The Law in making us Sons of God.Gal 3:19-4:7411979
064-aGAL07SOGAL04GalatiansPaul's concern for: 1.The Christian & how he deals wiGal 4:8-20351979
064-bGAL08SOGAL04GalatiansPaul's concern for: 2.The false teachers & how dealsGal 4:21-31341980
065-aGAL09SOGAL05GalatiansBeware of Faith in Christ Plus Teachings.Gal 5:1-12371980
065-bGAL10SOGAL05GalatiansA Christian Life is Always A Changed Life.Gal 5:13-24371980
066-aGAL11SOGAL06GalatiansHow to Live as a Christian.Gal 5:25-6:10411980
066-bGAL12SOGAL06GalatiansJustification & Sanctification a summary of the bookGal 6:11-18361980
067COL01SOCOL01Colossians (1 st Ed)An Introduction to The Book.Col 1:1-14441978
068-aCOL02SOCOL02Colossians (1 st Ed)Christ Who He Is & What He Has Done.Col 1:15-23331978
068-bCOL03SOCOL02Colossians (1 st Ed)What we where & are & What He Has Done.Col 1:21-2:7431978
069-aCOL04SOCOL03Colossians (1 st Ed)Complete & Free In Christ.Col 2:8-23311978
069-bCOL05SOCOL03Colossians (1 st Ed)Something to Do & Something to Stop Doing.Col 3:1-11381978
070-aCOL06SOCOL04Colossians (1 st Ed)Fruits of The Spirit & How they are to beCol 3:12-4:1461978
070-bCOL07SOCOL04Colossians (1 st Ed)The Duties of Every Christian.Col 4:2-18401978
071-a SOHEB01HebrewsIntroduction & 4 Facts about Divine Revelation.Heb 1:1-4401980
071-b SOHEB01HebrewsFour points of Teaching & Two Warnings.Heb 1:5-2:4321980
072-a SOHEB02HebrewsThe man Christ Jesus Is Greater than the AngelsHeb 2:5-18381980
072-b SOHEB02HebrewsThe Peril of Apostasy.Heb 3:1-4:1431980
073-a SOHEB03HebrewsUnless you go on you will be Lost.Heb 4:1-16391980
073-b SOHEB03HebrewsJesus Christ our Great High Priest.Heb 5:1-10281980
074-a SOHEB04HebrewsA Rebuke & An Exhortation.Heb 5:11-6:3391980
074-b SOHEB04HebrewsA Terrifying Warning.Heb 6:4-8411980
075-a SOHEB05HebrewsTwo Truths Taught & Illustrated.Heb 6:9-20311980
075-b SOHEB05HebrewsA High Priest Forever - MelchisedecHeb 7:1-28321980
076-a SOHEB06HebrewsJesus Christ The Lord,Mediator of Better CovenantHeb 8:1-13371980
076-b SOHEB06HebrewsPriest of a Better TabernacleHeb 9:1-14341980
077-a SOHEB07HebrewsChrist is the Offer of a Better Sacrifice.Heb 9:14-28361980
077-b SOHEB07HebrewsThe Effectiveness of Christ's Sacrifice.Heb 10:1-18351980
078-a SOHEB08HebrewsThe Importance of Continuing in the Faith unto the EnHeb 10:19-39331980
078-b SOHEB08HebrewsWhat is Faith & How does Faith Behave.Heb 11:1-16311980
079-a SOHEB09HebrewsNothing can Extinguish True Faith.Heb 11:17-40381980
079-b SOHEB09HebrewsThree Rules for Living the Christian Life.Heb 12:1-4331980
080-a SOHEB10HebrewsWhy so many Difficulties in the Christian Life.Heb 12:5-17371980
080-b SOHEB10HebrewsIt's Better to be a Christian.Heb 12:18-29361980
081-a SOHEB11HebrewsWe must make Progress in the Christian Life.Heb 13:1-6371980
081-b SOHEB11HebrewsA Proper Attitude to Church Leaders.Heb 13:7-8 & 17401980
082-a SOHEB12HebrewsChristianity is a Spiritual Religion.Heb 13:9-25381980
082-bASP12Single SermonsChristians Use of TimeEph 5:1-21371982
083-a23J01SO23JN1John Second & Third LetterTruth, Love & Obedience2 Jhn 1:1-13381978
083-b23J02SO23JN1John Second & Third LetterHospitality & Haughtiness3 Jhn 1:1-14361978
084-aJUD01SOJUD01JudeSin matters to God & He will Judge sin.Jude 1:1-7411978
084-bJUD02SOJUD01JudeFive Things about false teachers & Five RulesJude 1:8-25361978
085-a SOREV01RevelationIntroduction & Various Interpretations.Rev 1:1-8411978
085-b SOREV01RevelationThe Vision & Explanation.Rev 1:1-20451978
086-a SOREV02RevelationLetters to The Seven Churches.Rev 2:1-3:22441978
086-b SOREV02RevelationOn The Throne Is The Lord.Rev 4:1-5:14461978
087 SOREV03RevelationAll Things Serve The Purpose of God.Rev 6:1-7:17511978
088 SOREV04RevelationWarnings & Pledge of The Final Judgement.Rev 8:1-9:21461978
089 SOREV05RevelationJudgement & How Church fairs in the worldRev 10:1-11:19511978
090 SOREV06RevelationThe Church, The Christ & The devilRev 12:1-17441978
091 SOREV07RevelationThe devil's agent & The Churches Triumph.Rev 13:1-14:20481978
092 SOREV08RevelationRedeemed Safe in HeavenRev 15:1-16:21441978
093-a SOREV09RevelationWorldly Government & Worldliness.Rev 17:1-18451978
093-b SOREV09RevelationThe Fall of Babylon & The Rejoicing in Heaven.Rev 18:1-19:21421978
094 SOREV10RevelationThe Earthly & Heavenly Aspects & The Great...Rev 20:1-15601978
095 SOREV11RevelationThe New Heaven & Earth, & Eternal State...Rev 21:1-22:21481978
096-aLJC01SOLJC01Lord Jesus ChristIntroduction.Heb 11:17-12:3441978
096-bLJC02SOLJC01Lord Jesus Christ pdfPre-Existence.Gen 18:1-33371978
097-aLJC03SOLJC02Lord Jesus ChristBirth.Lk 1:26-38361978
097-bLJC04SOLJC02Lord Jesus ChristChildhood.Lk 2:1-40341978
098-aLJC05SOLJC03Lord Jesus ChristYouth & Early Manhood.Lk 2:40-52441978
098-bLJC06SOLJC03Lord Jesus ChristBaptism.Mt 3:1-17401978
099LJC07SOLJC04Lord Jesus ChristTemptation.Mt 4:1-11471978
100-aLJC08SOLJC05Lord Jesus ChristHumanity.Jhn 1:1-18371978
100-bLJC09SOLJC05Lord Jesus ChristManliness.Mt 23:13-33381978
101-aLJC10SOLJC06Lord Jesus ChristSinlessness.Jhn 8:1-11391978
101-bLJC11SOLJC06Lord Jesus ChristPrayer Life.Jhn 17:1-26371978
102-aLJC12SOLJC07Lord Jesus ChristDeity.Mt 16:13-23381978
102-bLJC13SOLJC07Lord Jesus ChristTwo Natures.Jhn 20:19-29401978
103-aLJC14SOLJC08Lord Jesus ChristMiracles.Mk 1:27-34421978
103-bLJC15SOLJC08Lord Jesus ChristTeachings.Lk 14:25-15:32381978
104-aLJC16SOLJC09Lord Jesus ChristHumility.Phil 2:1-15391978
104-bLJC17SOLJC09Lord Jesus ChristTransfiguration.Mt 17:1-8361978
105-aLJC18SOLJC10Lord Jesus ChristAgony.Mt 26:36-46361978
105-bLJC19SOLJC10Lord Jesus ChristTrial.Mt 26:5-75341978
106-aLJC20SOLJC11Lord Jesus ChristSilence.Mk 14:53-65351978
106-bLJC21SOLJC11Lord Jesus ChristCross.Jhn 19:17-37421978
107-aLJC22SOLJC12Lord Jesus ChristResurrection.Mt 27:38-28:20431978
107-bLJC23SOLJC12Lord Jesus ChristAscension.Lk 24:36-52371978
108-aLJC24SOLJC13Lord Jesus ChristIntercession.Heb 9:19-10:25371978
108-bLJC25SOLJC13Lord Jesus ChristAdvent.Mt 24:36-25:30361978
109-a SOWCH01What is a Christian ?A Christian.Acts 7:51-8:14361979
109-b SOWCH01What is a Christian ?A Disciple.Mt 10:32-39381979
110-a SOWCH02What is a Christian ?A Son.Mt 6:1-34411979
110-b SOWCH02What is a Christian ?A Sheep.Ps 23:1-6411979
111-a SOWCH03What is a Christian ?A Steward.Mt 25:14-30381979
111-b SOWCH03What is a Christian ?A Soldier.Eph 6:10-20401979
112-a SOWCH04What is a Christian ?A Witness.Ezk 33:1-16391979
112-b SOWCH04What is a Christian ?A Friend.Jhn 15:1-27381979
113-a SOWCH05What is a Christian ?An Ambassador.2 Cor 5:1-21361979
113-b SOWCH05What is a Christian ?A Saint.1 Cor 1:1-2 17-31351979
114-a SOWCH06What is a Christian ?A Believer.Jhn 3:1-36311979
114-b SOWCH06What is a Christian ?A Brother.Mt 25:31-46361979
115-a SOWCH07What is a Christian ?A Servant.Acts 20:17-38351979
115-b SOWCH07What is a Christian ?A Stone.1 Pet 1:18-2:17431979
116-aHYH01SOHYH01Have You Heard what they are Saying ?The Bible is just a Fairy Tale ?Isa 52:13-53:12321980
116-bHYH02SOHYH01Have You Heard what they are Saying ?It Doesn't matter what you Believe ?Isa 40:12-31341980
117-aHYH03SOHYH02Have You Heard what they are Saying ?What about the poor heathens who have neverRom 1:16-32381980
117-bHYH04SOHYH02Have You Heard what they are Saying ?The Church is full of Hypocrites ?Mt 7:1-29411980
118-aHYH05SOHYH03Have You Heard what they are Saying ?I Don't need religion ?Rom 5:12-21441980
118-bHYH06SOHYH03Have You Heard what they are Saying ?There is No God ?Ps 53:1-6341980
119-aHYH07SOHYH04Have You Heard what they are Saying ?If there's a God, why so much evil ?Job 3:1-26341980
119-bHYH08SOHYH04Have You Heard what they are Saying ?When you're dead you're dead ?1 Cor 15:1-11391980
120-a SORCT01ReligionsRoman Catholicsim - Part 1 Eph 2:1-22461981
120-b SORCT01ReligionsRoman Catholicsim - Part 2Rom:3:10-28461981
121-a SORCT02ReligionsJudaismLk 24:36-53441981
121-b SORCT02ReligionsIslam1 Cor 15:1-11441981
122-a SORCT03ReligionsHindusimJhn 5:17-29401981
122-b SORCT03ReligionsBuddishm1 Cor 2:1-15361981
123-a SOSSN01Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottCremation.1 Cor 15:3-4,35-44431980
123-b SOSSN01Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottTradition, Right & WrongMk 7:5-13471980
124-a SOSSN02Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Virgin Birth.Lk 1:26-38441980
124-b SOSSN02Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottSimeon.Lk 2:21-39341980
125 SOSSN03Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottDance & DramaPs 149:1-9491980
126 SOSSN04Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Altar Call.551980
127-a SOSSN05Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottLove For Christ. (1 Peter 1:7-8)Jhn 21:1-19 1 Pet 1:7-8401979
127-b SOSSN05Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottWho Is This Jesus ? (Mt 21:10)Lk 24:1-53 Mt21:10381979
128-a SOSSN06Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Lord's Day. Part 1.Gen 1:26-2:3421979
128-b SOSSN06Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Lord's Day. Part 2.Mt 12:1-13381979
129-a SOSSN07Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottChristian Zeal. (Rom 12:11)Rom 12:1-21371978
129-b SOSSN07Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Materialist.Ps 49:1-20381979
130-a SOSSN08Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottWinning Souls. (Pro 11:30)Jhn 4:1-42 Pro 11:30411978
130-b SOSSN08Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottWorship. (John 4:24)Rev 4:1-5:14 Jhn 4:24431978
131-a SOSSN09Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Nature of True Christainity.2 Ths 2:13-3:15271979
131-b SOSSN09Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottWhy None Christians Need The Gospel. (Ps 9:17)Lk 16:19-31 Ps 9:17451979
132-a SOSSN10Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Whole Gospel In A Single Verse. (1Tim 1:15)Mt 1:18-25 1 Tim 1:15421978
132-b SOSSN10Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottExamine Yourself Whether You Are In The Faith.1 Jhn 5:1-21451978
133-aJAM01SOJAM01JamesIntroduction & How to meet Trials.Jam 1:1-8401981
133-bJAM02SOJAM01JamesDon't see things as others see them.Jam 1:9-18361981
134-aJAM03SOJAM02JamesTwo Ingredients of Christian Living.Jam 1:19-27351981
134-bJAM04SOJAM02JamesFaviouritism - what, why,how to avoidJam 2:1-13351981
135-aJAM05SOJAM03JamesBelieve the right & Behave the right way.Jam 2:14-26351981
135-bJAM06SOJAM03JamesPaul deals with Speach & Strife.Jam 3:1-18321981
136-aJAM07SOJAM04JamesMore about Strife.Jam 4:1-10321981
136-bJAM08SOJAM04JamesConversation,Anticipation & OmnissionJam 4:11-17301981
137-aJAM09SOJAM05JamesA Word to the Rich & A Word to the Church.Jam 5:1-12381981
137-bJAM10SOJAM05JamesThe Importance of Prayer & Care.Jam 5:13-20351981
138-a1TY01SO1TY01Timothy - First LetterA Letter for You & We Must Stop False Teaching.1 Tim 1:1-20361982
138-b1TY02SO1TY01Timothy - First LetterThe Place of Prayer & Women in the Church.1 Tim 2:1-15421982
139-a1TY03SO1TY02Timothy - First LetterHow the Truth of God is Kept Alive in the World1 Tim 3:1-16361982
139-b1TY04SO1TY02Timothy - First LetterWe Must put out All Teachings not in scripture1 Tim 4:1-16361982
140-a1TY05SO1TY03Timothy - First LetterPutting the Church Right.1 Tim 5:1-25301982
140-b1TY06SO1TY03Timothy - First LetterAvoid Hinderances to Spiritual Progress & Guard & kee1 Tim 6:1-21351982
141-a SOPSM01Psalms [1st series]The Last Laugh.Ps 2:1-12371980
141-b SOPSM01Psalms [1st series]Walk or Run.Ps 11:1-7381981
142-a SOPSM02Psalms [1st series]A Lesson in Prayer.Ps 25:1-22301981
142-b SOPSM02Psalms [1st series]Gods Word to His People in a Materialistic age.Ps 37:1-40361981
143-a SOPSM03Psalms [1st series]The Heart of a Godly Man Exposed.Ps 42:1-11341981
143-b SOPSM03Psalms [1st series]An Example to Follow.Ps 44:1-26361981
144-a SOPSM04Psalms [1st series]Safe Under God's Protection.Ps 61:1-8331981
144-b SOPSM04Psalms [1st series]How to Greet Blessing.Ps 76:1-12341981
145-a SOPSM05Psalms [1st series]A Godly Man Thinks About Death.Ps 90:1-17381981
145-b SOPSM05Psalms [1st series]Will God Help Me in My Impossible Situation ?Ps 107:1-43281981
146-a SOPSM06Psalms [1st series]The Excellence of God's Word.Ps 119:1-8401981
146-b SOPSM06Psalms [1st series]Can The Church Survive ?Ps 129:1-8321981
147-a SOPSM07Psalms [1st series]A Hallelujah Psalm or A Call & Cause to Praise.Ps 135:1-21321981
148-a SORCT04ReligionsTranscendental meditationPs 63:1-17441981
148-b SORCT04ReligionsMoonies2 Tim 3:1-17441981
149-a SORCT05ReligionsJehovah's WitnessesJhn 20:1-31461981
149-b SORCT05ReligionsMormonismHeb 1:1-2:3461981
150-a SORCT06ReligionsKarl Barth1 Cor 1:26-2:16401981
150-b SORCT06ReligionsRudolf Bultman1 Cor 15:1-13371981
151-a SORCT07ReligionsNeo-EvangelicismPs 119:129-144421981
151-b The Christians Use of Time.Eph 5:1-21371982
152-a SORCT08ReligionsPietism & MysticismMt 7:13-29461981
152-b SORCT08ReligionsDispensationalismActs 15:13-17461981
153-aTWB01SOTWB01This we BelieveThe Bible.Ps 19:1-14371980
153-bTWB02SOTWB01This we BelieveThe Study of The Bible.Mk 7:1-23361980
154-aTWB03SOTWB02This we BelieveGod, The Holy TrinityIsa 40:12-31311980
154-bTWB04SOTWB02This we BelieveGod's Eternal Decree.Rom 9:1-26421980
155-aTWB05SOTWB03This we BelieveCreation.Gen 1:1-2:3461980
155-bTWB06SOTWB03This we BelieveProvidence.Job 1:1-2:10381980
156-aTWB07SOTWB04This we BelieveThe Fall of Man.Gen 3:1-24371980
156-bTWB08SOTWB04This we BelieveGod's Covenant with Man.(Heb 12:22-24 31:20-21)1 Cor 11:20-26 Heb 12 13391980
157-aTWB09SOTWB05This we BelieveThe Lord Jesus Christ. Part 1.Lk 4:16-32391980
157-bTWB10SOTWB05This we BelieveThe Lord Jesus Christ. Part 2.Isa 52:12-53:12381980
158-aTWB11SOTWB06This we BelieveFree Will.Jhn 3:1-21431980
158-bTWB12SOTWB06This we BelieveEffectual Calling.1 Cor 1:17-2:16381980
159-aTWB13SOTWB07This we BelieveConversion.Acts 9:1-22411980
159-bTWB14SOTWB07This we BelieveJustification.Gal 1:1-12401981
160-aTWB15SOTWB08This we BelieveAdoption.Mt 6:1-34381981
160-bTWB16SOTWB08This we BelieveSanctification.2 Pet 1:1-11381981
161-aTWB17SOTWB09This we BelieveThe Perseverance of the Saints.Lk 8:4-15441981
161-bTWB18SOTWB09This we BelieveAssurance.1 Jhn 1:1-2:17421981
162-aTWB19SOTWB10This we BelieveThe Law of God.Ex 20:1-17401981
162-bTWB20SOTWB10This we BelieveChristian Liberty.Rom 14:1-23411981
163-aTWB21SOTWB11This we BelieveWorship.Deu 10:12-22421981
163-bTWB22SOTWB11This we BelieveThe Sabbath Day. (Gen 1:26-2:3 Ex 16:22-30)Ex 20:8-11391981
164-aTWB23SOTWB12This we BelieveMarriage.Gen 2:18-25441981
164-bTWB24SOTWB12This we BelieveThe Church.Acts 2:29-47401981
165-aTWB25SOTWB13This we BelieveBaptism & The Lord's Table.Acts 8:26-40411981
165-bTWB26SOTWB13This we BelieveChurch Discipline.1 Cor 5:1-13461981
166TWB27SOTWB14This we BelieveThe Church & State.Rom 13:1-14511981
167-aTWB28SOTWB15This we BelieveThe Death & Resurrection.1 Cor 15:35-58481981
167-bTWB29SOTWB15This we BelieveThe Last Judgement.Mt 25:1-30361981
168-aEPH01SOEPH01EphesiansWhy we must Study this Book.Eph 1:1-6391981
168-bEPH02SOEPH01EphesiansSpiritual Blessing.Eph 1:3-14371981
169-aEPH03SOEPH02EphesiansSpiritual Blessing & Teaching on Election.Eph 1:1-14471981
169-bEPH04SOEPH02EphesiansWhat to Pray for Young Converts.Eph 1:15-23361981
170-aEPH05SOEPH03EphesiansOnce dead & Cut off but now alive & drawn nearEph 2:1-10371981
170-bEPH06SOEPH03EphesiansOnce we where Separated, but now unitedEph 2:11-22401981
171-aEPH07SOEPH04EphesiansPaul talks about himself.Eph 3:1-13361981
171-bEPH08SOEPH04EphesiansPaul Prayer for the Church.Eph 3:14-21331981
172-aEPH09SOEPH05EphesiansThe Unity of the Church.Eph 4:1-16421981
172-bEPH10SOEPH05EphesiansChristian Living Part 1Eph 4:17-32351981
173-aEPH11SOEPH06EphesiansChristian Living Part 2Eph 5:1-21341981
173-bEPH12SOEPH06EphesiansChristian Living in the Home.Eph 5:22-6:9341981
174-aEPH13SOEPH07EphesiansLiving the Christian Life in a Real Battle.Eph 6:10-24391981
175-aWGO01SOWGO01Where do we go from Here ?Death.Ps 90:1-17371982
175-bWGO02SOWGO01Where do we go from Here ?The Intermediate State. Part 1.Lk 16:19-31321982
176-aWGO03SOWGO02Where do we go from Here ?The Intermediate State. Part 2.Ps 73:1-28381982
176-bWGO04SOWGO02Where do we go from Here ?Signs of the Second Coming.Mt 24:1-51371982
177-aWGO05SOWGO03Where do we go from Here ?What about Israel ?Rom 11:1-36381982
177-bWGO06SOWGO03Where do we go from Here ?What is the Millennium ?Rev 20:1-15381981
178-aWGO07SOWGO04Where do we go from Here ?The Second Coming.Mt 24:36-25:13391982
178-bWGO08SOWGO04Where do we go from Here ?The Resurrection.1 Cor 15:35-58341982
179-aWGO09SOWGO05Where do we go from Here ?The Judgement.Mt 25:14-46391982
179-bWGO10SOWGO05Where do we go from Here ?The Final State of the wicked.Lk 12:14-48321982
180-b JohnWhosoever believes...Jhn 3:16331982
180WGO11SOWGO06Where do we go from Here ?Heaven.Rev 21:1-22:7371982
181-aOUR01SOOUR01Our Problems - God's AnswersGuilty.Heb 10:1-18331981
181-bOUR02SOOUR01Our Problems - God's AnswersWorry.Mt 6:25-34321981
182-aOUR03SOOUR02Our Problems - God's AnswersDoubt.Jhn 20:19-29311981
182-bOUR04SOOUR02Our Problems - God's AnswersMonotony.Ezk 4:1-8351981
183-aOUR05SOOUR03Our Problems - God's AnswersResentment.Eph 4:17-32301981
183-bOUR06SOOUR03Our Problems - God's AnswersPressure.1 Kgs 19:1-18311981
184-aOUR07SOOUR04Our Problems - God's AnswersLoneliness.2 Tim 4:6-18331981
184-bOUR08SOOUR04Our Problems - God's AnswersInferiority.Jer 1:1-10341981
185-a SO2PE01Peter - Second LetterIntroduction & How to Grow in the Christian2 Pet 1:1-11441977
185-b SO2PE01Peter - Second LetterPerseverance:The Truth, Live by it & spread it2 Pet 1:12-21361977
186-a SO2PE02Peter - Second LetterBeware of false teachers in the Christian Life.2 Pet 2:1-11331977
186-b SO2PE02Peter - Second LetterThree Things to Underline & Three to Note.2 Pet 2:12-19271977
187-a SO2PE03Peter - Second LetterWho can become a false teacher ?2 Pet 2:20-22371977
187-b SO2PE03Peter - Second LetterBeware of the Company You Keep.2 Pet 3:1-10411977
188 SO2PE04Peter - Second LetterChrist Is Coming Again & This Should Effect Our2 Pet 3:10-18391977
189-aPRB01SOPRB01ProverbsIntroduction & Eight Lessons on Wisdom.Pro 1:1-4:27381981
189-bPRB02SOPRB01ProverbsEnticement to Sin.Pro 5:1-7:27391981
190-aPRB03SOPRB02ProverbsTwo Pictures of Wisdom.Pro 8:1-9:18351981
190-bPRB04SOPRB02ProverbsMarks of Godly Living.Pro 10:1-15:33451981
191-aPRB05SOPRB03ProverbsA Picture of a Godly Person.Pro 16:1-22:16461981
191-bPRB06SOPRB03ProverbsThe Sayings of The Wise.Pro 22:17-24401981
192-aPRB07SOPRB04ProverbsCharacteristics & Characters to Avoid.Pro 25:1-26:28391981
192-bPRB08SOPRB04ProverbsEvil Ways & Righteous Ways.Pro 27:1-29:27451981
193-aPRB09SOPRB05ProverbsThe Wisdom of Agar a Kings callin & wifely excellencePro 30:1-31:31391981
193-bPRB10SOPRB05ProverbsA Bird's Eye View of Proverbs.Pro:11:30441980
194-a SOSSN11Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Resurrection of Christ as seen in Romans.Rom 6:1-14361981
194-b SOSSN11Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottFather Forgive ThemLk 23:33-34301980
195 SOSSN12Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Roman Catholic Pope.Mt 16:13-23561982
196-a SOSSN13Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Word Became Flesh. (John 1:14)Jhn 1:1-18351981
196-b SOSSN13Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Supernatural Birth.Mt 1:18-2:15361981
197-a SOSSN14Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottSeven Basics of the Christian Faith.Mk 4:1-20361981
197-b SOSSN14Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottPhilemon.Philemon431981
198-a SOSSN15Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottFor God so loved the worldJhn 3:16 Rom 3:10-28331982
198-b SOSSN15Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Dying Thief. (Lk 23:39-43)Mt 27:24-44 Lk 23:39-43391982
199-a SOSSN16Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottPrayer. (James 4:2-3)Lk 11:1-13 Jms 4:2-3291982
199-b SOSSN16Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottAt Calvary, 7 Words & 7 QuotationsMt 27:24-54361982
200-a SOSSN17Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Christians Use of Time.Eph 5:16 Col 4:5371982
200-b SOSSN17Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Church Prayer Meeting. (1 John 5:14-15)Acts 12:1-17 1 Jhn 5:14-15411982
201-a SOSSN18Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottFarewellActs 20:17301983
201-b SOSSN18Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottWorryMatt 6:24421979
202-a SOSSN19Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottHow to Handle Anger.Eph 4:17-32441982
202-b SOSSN19Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottMoodiness.Gen 3:1-24371982
203-a SOSSN20Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottDepression.1 Kgs 19:1-12451982
203-b SOSSN20Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottFear.Ps 34:1-10431982
204-a SOSSN21Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottEffecting Biblical Changes.Eph 4:1-32411982
204-b SOSSN21Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottEffecting Biblical .... [Practical Suggestions]Rom 6:1-23451982
205-aSSC01SOSSC01Seven Sayings of the CrossFather Forgive Them (Lk 23:34)Lk 23:13-34351982
205-bSSC02SOSSC01Seven Sayings of the CrossToday thou shalt be with Me in... (Lk 23:43)Lk 23:34-43341982
206-aSSC03SOSSC02Seven Sayings of the CrossBehold thy Son,behold thy motherJhn 19:1-27311982
206-bSSC04SOSSC02Seven Sayings of the CrossMy God,why hast thou forsken me ?Mk 15:1-39301982
207-aSSC05SOSSC03Seven Sayings of the CrossI Thirst (Jhn 19:28)Ps 22:1-31301982
207-bSSC06SOSSC03Seven Sayings of the CrossIt is FinishedJhn 19:28-37271982
208-aESA01SOESA01Elisha - Serving God in Difficult TimesHis Call His early teaching1 Kgs 19:9-21361982
208-bESA02SOESA02Elisha - Serving God in Difficult TimesThe Start of His Public Ministry and 3 Miracles.2 Kgs 2:11-25331982
209-aESA03SOESA01Elisha - Serving God in Difficult TimesThe Fourth Miracle2 Kgs 3:1-27351982
209-bESA04SOESA02Elisha - Serving God in Difficult TimesThree Miracles of Provision.2 Kgs 4:1-7331982
210-aESA05SOESA03Elisha - Serving God in Difficult TimesThe Shunammite Women & Her son.2 Kgs 4:8-37331982
210-bESA06SOESA03Elisha - Serving God in Difficult TimesNaaman Healed of Leprosy.2 Kgs 5:1-19351982
211-aESA07SOESA04Elisha - Serving God in Difficult TimesGod's Judgement on Gehazi & The Iron that swam.2 Kgs 5:20-6:7401982
211-bESA08SOESA04Elisha - Serving God in Difficult TimesHow to help a young believer & Deal with our2 Kgs 6:8-23331982
212-aESA09SOESA05Elisha - Serving God in Difficult TimesHow Great is our God, The seige of Samaria2 Kgs 6:24-7:20351982
212-bESA10SOESA05Elisha - Serving God in Difficult TimesThe Providence of God.2 Kgs 8:1-15391982
213ESA11SOESA06Elisha - Serving God in Difficult TimesLessons from the Life of Elisha.2 Kgs 9:1-10351982
214-aGEN01GenesisIntroductionGen 1:1-13341977
214-bGEN02GenesisGen 1:1-13411977
215-aGEN03GenesisGen 1:14-31451977
215-bGEN04GenesisGen 2:1-251977
216-aGEN05GenesisGen 2:15-29461977
216-bGEN06GenesisGen 3:1-7381977
217-aGEN07GenesisGen 3:1-24451977
217-bGEN08GenesisGen 4:1-26451977
218-aGEN09GenesisGen 5:1-32351977
218-bGEN10GenesisGen 5:18-24351977
219-aGEN11GenesisGen 6:1-22451977
219-bGEN12GenesisGen 7:1-24401977
220-aGEN13GenesisGen 8:1-22421977
220-bGEN14GenesisGen 9:1-29471977
221-aGEN15GenesisGen 10:1-32351977
221-bGEN16GenesisGen 11:1-32411977
222 JudgesIntroductionJudges 24:19-28431979
223 JudgesIsrael's failure and its causeJudges 1-3:6461979
224 JudgesOthniel,Ehud,Shamgar,DeborahJudges 3:7-5531979
225 JudgesGibeonJudges 6 - 8481979
226 JudgesAbimelech and JepthahJudges 9:1 - 12:15501979
227 JudgesSamson's birth & developmentJudges 13361979
228 JudgesSamson's first love to his deathJudges 12 - 16561979
229-a JudgesMicah's house of God & Danites theftJudges 17 -18401979
229-b JudgesLevite's concubine degraded, Benjamin punishedJudges 19 - 21411979
230-aPSM01SOPSM08Psalms [1st series]A Formula for Blessing.Ps 1:1-6431978
230-bPSM02SOPSM08Psalms [1st series]What God Says About Foolish & Wise People.Ps 14:1-7431978
231-aPSM03SOPSM09Psalms [1st series]Our Shepherd, Host & GodPs 23:1-6391978
231-bPSM04SOPSM09Psalms [1st series]A Believer Speaks.Ps 40:1-17461978
232-aPSM05SOPSM10Psalms [1st series]What is a Believer to do when he sins ?Ps 51:1-19391978
232-bPSM06SOPSM10Psalms [1st series]True Spirituality.Ps 63:1-11351978
233-aPSM07SOPSM11Psalms [1st series]Why do the ungodly prosper ?Ps 73:1-28371978
233-bPSM08SOPSM11Psalms [1st series]The Lord's Special Care for His People.Ps 91:1-16381978
234-aPSM09SOPSM12Psalms [1st series]The Omniscience of God.Ps 139:1-24361978
234-bPSM10SOPSM12Psalms [1st series]How to Praise The Lord.Ps 145:1-21301978
235ISA01IsaiahIsaiahIsaiah 6: 1 - 13491976
236ISA02IsaiahIsaiahIsaiah 6 - 9471976
237ISA03IsaiahIsaiahIsaiah 11:1 - 16471976
239-aISA06IsaiahIsaiahIsaiah 49:1 - 26431976
239-bISA07IsaiahIsaiahIsaiah 53:1 - 3351976
240-aISA08IsaiahIsaiahIsaiah 53:4-12371976
240-bISA09IsaiahIsaiahIsaiah 53:10-12391976
241-aISA10IsaiahIsaiahIsaiah 55391976
241-bISA11IsaiahIsaiahIsaiah 60391976
242-aBIB01SOBIB01Survey of the Old TestamentThe Five Books of Moses: Genesis.431979
242-bBIB02SOBIB01Survey of the Old TestamentThe Five Books of Moses: Exodus.391979
243-aBIB03SOBIB02Survey of the Old TestamentThe Five Books of Moses: Leviticus.431979
243-bBIB04SOBIB02Survey of the Old TestamentThe Five Books of Moses: Numbers.451979
244-aBIB05SOBIB03Survey of the Old TestamentThe Five Books of Moses: Deuteronomy.451979
244-bBIB06SOBIB04Survey of the Old TestamentPromised Land to the Exile: Joshua.441979
245-aBIB07SOBIB04Survey of the Old TestamentPromised Land to the Exile: Judges & Ruth.401979
245-bBIB08SOBIB05Survey of the Old TestamentPromised Land to the Exile: 1 & 2 Samual.501979
246BIB09SOBIB06Survey of the Old TestamentPromised Land to the Exile: 1 Kings.481979
247-aBIB10SOBIB07Survey of the Old TestamentPromised Land to the Exile: 2 Kings.441979
247-bBIB11SOBIB07Survey of the Old TestamentPromised Land to the Exile: 1 & 2 Chronicles.451980
248-aBIB12SOBIB08Survey of the Old TestamentProphets Before the Exile: Jonah.351979
248-bBIB13SOBIB08Survey of the Old TestamentProphets Before the Exile: Amos.431980
249-aBIB14SOBIB09Survey of the Old TestamentProphets Before the Exile: Hosea.381980
249-bBIB15SOBIB09Survey of the Old TestamentProphets Before the Exile: Joel.431980
250-aBIB16SOBIB10Survey of the Old TestamentProphets Before the Exile: Isaiah. Part 1.421980
250-bBIB17SOBIB10Survey of the Old TestamentProphets Before the Exile: Isaiah. Part 2.451980
251-aBIB18SOBIB11Survey of the Old TestamentProphets Before the Exile: Isaiah. Part 3.451980
251-bBIB19SOBIB11Survey of the Old TestamentProphets Before the Exile: Micah.451980
252-aBIB20SOBIB12Survey of the Old TestamentProphets Before the Exile: Nahum.431980
252-bBIB21SOBIB12Survey of the Old TestamentProphets Before the Exile: Zephaniah.381980
253-aBIB22SOBIB13Survey of the Old TestamentProphets Before the Exile: Habbakkuk.391980
253-bBIB23SOBIB13Survey of the Old TestamentProphets Before the Exile: Jeremiah. Part 1.471980
254-aBIB24SOBIB14Survey of the Old TestamentProphets Before the Exile: Jeremiah. Part 2.461980
254-bBIB25SOBIB14Survey of the Old TestamentProphets Before the Exile: Lamentation &411980
255-aBIB26SOBIB15Survey of the Old TestamentExile to the End of the OT: Ezekiel. Part 1.441980
255-bBIB27SOBIB15Survey of the Old TestamentExile to the End of the OT: Ezekiel. Part 2.481980
256BIB36SOBIB21Survey of the Old TestamentThe Poetry Books: Job.501980
257BIB37SOBIB22Survey of the Old TestamentThe Poetry Books: Psalms.511980
258-aBIB38SOBIB24Survey of the Old TestamentThe Poetry Books: Ecclesiastes.441980
258-bBIB39SOBIB23Survey of the Old TestamentThe Poetry Books: Proverbs.441980
259-aBIB40SOBIB24Survey of the Old TestamentThe Poetry Books: Song of Solomon.381980
259-bBIB28SOBIB16Survey of the Old TestamentExile to the End of the OT: Daniel.481980
260BIB29SOBIB17Survey of the Old TestamentExile to the End of the OT: Daniel to Malachi.501980
261-aBIB30SOBIB18Survey of the Old TestamentExile to the End of the OT: Haggai.391980
261-bBIB31SOBIB18Survey of the Old TestamentExile to the End of the OT: Zechariah.461980
262-aBIB32SOBIB19Survey of the Old TestamentExile to the End of the OT: Esther.451980
262-bBIB33SOBIB19Survey of the Old TestamentExile to the End of the OT: Ezra.421980
263-aBIB34SOBIB20Survey of the Old TestamentExile to the End of the OT: Nehemiah.481980
263-bBIB35SOBIB20Survey of the Old TestamentExile to the End of the OT: Malachi.371980
264-a SOCTI01Contemporary IssuesThe Occult.1 Sam 28:3-20381977
264-b SOCTI01Contemporary IssuesEastern Religions.Eph 2:1-22411977
265 SOCTI02Contemporary IssuesThe Modern Tongues Movement.Acts 2:1-13531977
266-a SOCTI03Contemporary IssuesMoney.Pro 1:10-19441977
266-b SOCTI03Contemporary IssuesDaily Work.Isa 28:23-29361977
267-a SOCTI04Contemporary IssuesThe Use of Sunday.Jhn 20:1-31441977
267-b SOCTI04Contemporary IssuesLeisure.Lk 10:25-37411977
268 SOCTI05Contemporary IssuesTelevision.Rom 14:1-23491977
269 SOCTI06Contemporary IssuesPop Culture & It's Music.Ex 20:1-17551977
270 SOCTI07Contemporary IssuesMental Illness.Ps 32:1-11481977
271 SOCTI08Contemporary IssuesOld Age.Ecc 12:1-14461977
272-a SOCTI09Contemporary IssuesSanctity of Life.Gen 8:15-9:7361977
272-b SOCTI09Contemporary IssuesRace.Gen 9:18-27371977
273 SOCTI10Contemporary IssuesThe Place of Women in The Church.2 Kgs 4:8-17561977
274 SOCTI11Contemporary IssuesDemons.Eph 6:10-20531978
275-a SOCTI12Contemporary IssuesYour Mind.1 Cor 6:1-20451977
275-b SOCTI12Contemporary IssuesYour Conscience.Rom 14:1-23421977
281-a The Nearness of GodActs 17:27-2842
281-b How a Spiritual Failure Becomes a Spiritual GiantJohn 2130
282-a The Nearness of GodMatt 28:2042
282-b The Withness of God34
283 Trade Unionism711980
284 Evangelism in the Local Church
285-aSDS01SOSDS01Seven Deadly Sins1. Pride.Phil 3:1-21411992
285-bSDS02SOSDS01Seven Deadly Sins2. Anger.Eph 4:17-32421992
286-aSDS03SOSDS02Seven Deadly Sins3. Envy.Gen 37:11-36381992
286-bSDS04SOSDS02Seven Deadly Sins4. Lust.2 Pet 1:1-11421992
287-aSDS05SOSDS03Seven Deadly Sins5. Gluttony.Lk 16:19-31391992
287-bSDS06SOSDS03Seven Deadly Sins6. Avarice.Mt 22:34-40411992
288SDS07SOSDS04Seven Deadly Sins7. Sloth.2 Ths 3:6-15411992
289-a SOTHS01Thessalonians - 1 & 2Conversion.1 Ths 1:1-10331991
289-b SOTHS01Thessalonians - 1 & 2How to advance the cause of Christ.1 Ths 2:1-16341991
290-a SOTHS02Thessalonians - 1 & 2How we can encourage each other.1 Ths 2:17-3:13241991
290-b SOTHS02Thessalonians - 1 & 2The Christian life - Now & In the future.1 Ths 4:1-18321991
291-a SOTHS03Thessalonians - 1 & 2Parting Words.1 Ths 5:1-28361991
291-b SOTHS03Thessalonians - 1 & 2Perseverance & Reward.2 Ths 1:1-12371991
292-a SOTHS04Thessalonians - 1 & 2What the Future Holds.2 Ths 2:1-12351991
292-b SOTHS04Thessalonians - 1 & 2True Christianity.2 Ths 2:13-3:5351991
293 SOTHS05Thessalonians - 1 & 2How to behave towards disorderly Christians.2 Ths 3:6-18421991
298a-a  SO1PE01Peter - First LetterIntroduction.1 Pet 1:1-5371992
298a-b  SO1PE01Peter - First LetterThe now of the Christian Life.1 Pet 1:6-12321992
298b-a  SO1PE02Peter - First LetterThe Challenge to live differently.1 Pet 1:13-21341992
298b-b  SO1PE02Peter - First LetterThe Word of God & You !1 Pet 1:22-2:3431992
298c-a  SO1PE03Peter - First LetterLiving for Christ in a hostile world.1 Pet 2:4-12381992
298c-b  SO1PE03Peter - First LetterOur Christian Duty. Part 1.1 Pet 2:13-25361992
298d-a  SO1PE04Peter - First LetterOur Christian Duty. Part 2.1 Pet 3:1-12401992
298d-b  SO1PE04Peter - First LetterWhen Christians Suffer.1 Pet 3:13-22341992
298e-a  SO1PE05Peter - First LetterHow not to sin.1 Pet 4:1-11341992
298e-b  SO1PE05Peter - First LetterThe theme of Suffering - again.1 Pet 4:12-19311992
298f-a  SO1PE06Peter - First LetterA Word to Elders.1 Pet 5:1-4401992
298f-b  SO1PE06Peter - First LetterThree closing themes.1 Pet 5:5-14291992
299-a SOTXT01Selected TextsThe Bare Irreducible Minimum. (Heb 11:6 10:22 12:14)Tit 2:1-15301993
299-b SOTXT01Selected TextsOnly God Understands God. (Acts 2:23)Gen 50:15-21311993
300-a SOTXT02Selected TextsGrowing in Grace. (2 Peter 3:18)1 Cor 3:1-7421993
300-b SOTXT02Selected TextsHe Loved Me. (Galatians 2:20b)Isa 52:13-53:12391993
301-a SOTXT03Selected TextsNo Turning Back. (Hebrews 5:12-6:12)Isa 6:1-8341993
301-b SOTXT03Selected TextsThe Fear of the Lord. (Proverbs 9:10)Ps 34:1-22361993
302-a SOTXT04Selected TextsWhen we are down. (Psalm 42:5,43:5)Ps 42:1 43:5281993
302-b SOTXT04Selected TextsWhen He has come. (Ezekiel 37:1-14)Jhn 16:5-11331993
303-aHOW01SOHOW01How ?How to tell whether you are a Christian or not?Acts 3:11-4:4351993
303-bHOW02SOHOW01How ?How to tell others you have become a Christian?Acts 9:1-22371993
304-aHOW03SOHOW02How ?How to enjoy church ?Rom 12:1-21361993
304-bHOW04SOHOW02How ?How to Read the Bible ?Ps 119:97-105351993
305-aHOW05SOHOW03How ?How to Pray ?Mt 6:1-18351993
305-bHOW06SOHOW03How ?How to know what is right ?Ex 20:1-17361993
306-aHOW07SOHOW04How ?How to Overcome Temptation ?Mt 4:1-11381993
306-bHOW08SOHOW04How ?How to Please God ?Lk 10:25-37351993
307-aHOW09SOHOW05How ?How to Know God's Will ?Ps 32:1-11291993
307-bHOW10SOHOW05How ?How to serve God ?Mt 25:14-30311993
308-aHOW11SOHOW06How ?How to win others ?Jhn 3:1-21381993
308-bHOW12SOHOW06How ?How to deal with worry ?Mt 6:25-34341993
309HOW13SOHOW07How ?How to Prepare for Death ?Rev 21:1-8301993
310-a SOLCT01Living for Christ - Today !The World we live in.Jude 1:1-25361993
310-b SOLCT01Living for Christ - Today !Mr. Today's religion. [Humanism]2 Cor 4:1-18371993
311-a SOLCT02Living for Christ - Today !Here we Stand,we can do no otherPs 19:1-14361993
311-b SOLCT02Living for Christ - Today !Doing your own thing? [Authority & Honour]Rom 13:1-14371993
312a-a SOLCT03Living for Christ - Today !Hanging and flogging. [Punishment]Rom 2:1-16411993
312a-b SOLCT03Living for Christ - Today !Race.Num 12:1-16341993
312b-a SOLCT04Living for Christ - Today !Money,lovely money1 Tim6:6-21371993
312b-b SOLCT04Living for Christ - Today !Sunday.Ex 20:1-17331994
312c-a SOLCT05Living for Christ - Today !Till Death us do part - marriageGen 2:4-25371994
312c-b SOLCT05Living for Christ - Today !Till Death us do part - divorceMt 19:4-9401994
312d-a SOLCT06Living for Christ - Today !Feminism.1 Tim 2:8-3:16341994
312d-b SOLCT06Living for Christ - Today !Abortion.Mt 1:18-20381994
312e-a SOLCT07Living for Christ - Today !Two halves do not make one whole. Homosexuality1 Tim 1:8-17401994
312e-b SOLCT07Living for Christ - Today !False Teachers.Jude 1:1-25371994
312f-a SOLCT08Living for Christ - Today !Worldliness.1 Pet 4:3-19401994
312f-b SOLCT08Living for Christ - Today !Signs & Wonders.1 Cor 1:17-2:5401994
312g-a SOLCT09Living for Christ - Today !Lifestyle. Part 1.Mt 6:16-34381994
312g-b SOLCT09Living for Christ - Today !Lifestyle. Part 2.Phil 2:1-11341994
313a-a SOHWS01He who wins Souls is WiseThe Gospel,nature of faith & preachingRom 10:1-17361992
313a-b SOHWS01He who wins Souls is WiseThe Great Commission. (Mt 28:18-20)Ezk 33:1-11371992
313b-a SOHWS02He who wins Souls is WiseWhere are the reapers ? (Mt 9:37-38)Jhn 4:16-42331992
313b-b SOHWS02He who wins Souls is WiseBegin at Jerusalem. (Lk 24:46-47)Lk 24:1-53351992
313c-a SOHWS03He who wins Souls is WiseA Burden for Souls. (Rom 9:1-5)Rom 8:28-9:5331992
313c-b SOHWS03He who wins Souls is WiseSinners shall be converted. (Ps 51:10-30)Ps 51:1-19361992
313d-a SOHWS04He who wins Souls is WiseSpreading the gospel Who? What? How? (Vs18-21)2 Cor 5:11-21311992
313d-b SOHWS04He who wins Souls is WiseMy sheep hear my voice. (Jhn 10:27-30)Jhn 10:1-30341992
313e-a SOHWS05He who wins Souls is WiseSlavery or Freedom. (Rom 6:17-18)Rom 6:14-23301992
313e-b SOHWS05He who wins Souls is WiseGod's work & God's worker. (Acts 8:26-40)Acts 8:26-40321992
314-a SOSSN22Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottSalt , Light, LawMt 5:13-20391991
314-b SOSSN22Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Rich Fool.Lk 12:13-21351991
315-a SOSSN23Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottFour Miracles at Calvary.Mt 27:24-54331989
315-b SOSSN23Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Nature of Faith.Jhn 3:1-21381989
316 SOSSN24Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Promise of Judgement. (Acts 17:31)Acts 17:16-34481990
317 SOSSN25Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottHow to Keep Going.Isa 6:1-13471990
318a-a SOSSN26Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottTwo Great Truths about Christ. (Gal 4:4)Lk 1:26-38 Gal 4:4331991
318a-b SOSSN26Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Next Great Event , The JudgementMt25:31-46371991
318b-a SOSSN27Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Official announcement of Christ's Birth.Lk 2:8-20261992
318b-b SOSSN27Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottChrist: rich & poor. (2 Cor 8:9)Isa 9:1-7311992
318c SOSSN28Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Undying Gospel. Heb 11:6 9:22 12:141 Tim 1:12 - 2:7321992
318d-a SOSSN29Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Fact of the Bodily Resurrection.1 Cor 15:1-34321993
318d-b SOSSN29Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Nature of the Resurrection Body.1 Cor 15:35-58301993
318e-a SOSSN30Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottThe Coming of the God - Man.Mt 1:18-2:23221993
318e-b SOSSN30Single Sermons by Stuart Olyott Instant ChangeActs 16:9-34351994
318f-a SOSSN31Single Sermons by Stuart Olyott This is how God's work gets done2 Cor 11:22-12:10311994
318f-b SOSSN31Single Sermons by Stuart Olyott The Great Divide (1 Cor 1:18)1 Cor 1:17-2:5321994
320-a SOSSN32Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottWe all know the story ....or do we ?Lk 2:8-20281994
320a-aPSA01 SOPSA01Psalms [2nd series]The Secret of Spiritual Prosperity.Ps 1:1-6381991
320a-bPSA02 SOPSA01Psalms [2nd series]Christ and his Kingdom.Ps 2:1-12411991
320b-aPSA03 SOPSA02Psalms [2nd series]Peace in the Storm.Ps 3:1-8341991
320b-bPSA04 SOPSA02Psalms [2nd series]A Day in the Life of a Man of God.Ps 4:1-8351991
320c-aPSA05 SOPSA03Psalms [2nd series]The beliver in a hostile world.Ps 5:1-12401991
320c-bPSA06 SOPSA03Psalms [2nd series]The beliver broken & mended.Ps 6:1-10411991
320d-aPSA07 SOPSA04Psalms [2nd series]When the church seems doomed.Ps 7:1-17321991
320d-bPSA08 SOPSA04Psalms [2nd series]Lost in Wonder.Ps 8:1-9371991
320e-aPSA09 SOPSA05Psalms [2nd series]Safely through another year.Ps 9:1-20391991
320e-bPSA10 SOPSA05Psalms [2nd series]When God hides Himself.Ps 10:1-18391992
320f-aPSA11 SOPSA06Psalms [2nd series]When you feel like getting out.Ps 11:1-7331992
320f-bPSA12 SOPSA06Psalms [2nd series]When time are bad.Ps 12:1-8351992
320g-aPSA13 SOPSA07Psalms [2nd series]How true Faith Behaves.Ps 13:1-6351992
320g-bPSA14 SOPSA07Psalms [2nd series]The world as God sees it.Ps 14:1-7391992
320h-aPSA15 SOPSA08Psalms [2nd series]The Way to Heaven.Ps 15:1-5291992
320h-b  SOPSA08Psalms [2nd series]A song of Satisfaction.Ps 16:1-11321994
320i-a  SOPSA09Psalms [2nd series]When you are attacked.Ps 17:1-15301994
320i-b  SOPSA09Psalms [2nd series]When we look back.Ps 18:1-27271994
320j-a  SOPSA10Psalms [2nd series]Today's battles & the last battle.Ps 18:28-50311994
320j-b  SOPSA10Psalms [2nd series]Knowing God.Ps 19:1-14341994
320k-a  SOPSA11Psalms [2nd series]No battle need ever be lost.Ps 20:1-9251994
320k-b  SOPSA11Psalms [2nd series]A Song of Victory.Ps 21:1-13241994
320l-a  SOPSA12Psalms [2nd series]The Sufferings of Christ & the Glory thatPs 22:1-31311994
320l-b  SOPSA12Psalms [2nd series]The Lord is Tender.Ps 23:1-6311994
320m-a  SOPSA13Psalms [2nd series]From earth to heaven.Ps 24:1-10281994
320m-b  SOPSA13Psalms [2nd series]The A-Z of Guidance.Ps 25:1-22261994
320n-a  SOPSA14Psalms [2nd series]When tongues wag.Ps 26:1-12291994
320n-b  SOPSA14Psalms [2nd series]You can live like a giant....Ps 27:1-14261994
320o-a  SOPSA15Psalms [2nd series]Prayer is like the rainbow.Ps 28:1-9311994
345a-aPAR01SOPAR01ParablesParables : Introduction.Lk 10:25-37291993
345a-bPAR02SOPAR01ParablesParable of the Sower.Mk 4:1-20331993
345b-aPAR03SOPAR02ParablesThe wheat & the tares.Mt 13:24-43321993
345b-bPAR04SOPAR02ParablesThe Mustard Seed & the Leaven.Mt 13:31-33341993
345c-aPAR05SOPAR03ParablesHidden Treasure: Pearl of Great Price & DragnetMt 13:44-52351993
345c-bPAR06SOPAR03ParablesThe Unforgiving Servant.Mt 18:21-35341993
345d-aPAR07SOPAR04ParablesThe Workers in the Vineyard.Mt 20:1-16351993
345d-bPAR08SOPAR04ParablesThe Two Sons.Mt 21:23-32301993
345e-aPAR09SOPAR05ParablesThe Wicked Vinedressers.Mt 21:33-46351993
345e-bPAR10SOPAR05ParablesThe Wedding Feast.Mt 22:1-14301993
345f-aPAR11SOPAR06ParablesThe wise & foolish virgins.Mt 25:1-13281993
345f-bPAR12SOPAR06ParablesThe parbale of the TalentsMt 25:14-30311993
345g-aPAR13SOPAR07ParablesThe Seed Growing Secretly.Mk 4:26-29341993
345g-bPAR14SOPAR07ParablesThe Good Samaritan.Lk 10:25-37281993
345h-aPAR15SOPAR08ParablesThe Rich Fool.Lk 12:13-21341993
345h-bPAR16SOPAR08ParablesThe Barren Fig Tree.Lk 13:1-9311993
345i-aPAR17SOPAR09ParablesThe Great Supper.Lk 14:7-24321993
345i-bPAR18SOPAR09ParablesThe Lost Sheep & The Lost Coin.Lk 15:1-10351993
345j-aPAR19SOPAR10ParablesThe Prodigal Son.Lk 15:11-32341993
345j-bPAR20SOPAR10ParablesThe Unjust Steward.Lk 16:1-13351993
345k-aPAR21SOPAR11ParablesThe Persistent Widow.Lk 18:1-8301993
345k-bPAR22SOPAR11ParablesThe Pharisee & the Tax-collector.Lk 18:9-14301993
345l-aPAR23SOPAR12ParablesThe Minas. or [ Pounds ]Lk 19:11-27331993
345l-bPAR24SOPAR12ParablesThe Two Debtors.Lk 7:36-50281993
346-aDEU01SODEU01DeuteronomyIntroduction.2 Kgs 22:1-20341992
346-bDEU02SODEU01DeuteronomyObey Him exactly.Deu 1:19-46361992
347-aDEU03SODEU02DeuteronomySeven Lessons in Obedience.Deu 5:1-33331992
347-bDEU04SODEU02DeuteronomyObedience - the Why & How.Deu 11:1-32301992
348-aDEU05SODEU03DeuteronomyWhen false teaching Threatens.Deu 13:1-18371992
348-bDEU06SODEU03DeuteronomyGodly Leadership.Deu 17:14-20281992
349-aDEU07SODEU04DeuteronomyWhich voice should be heard ?Deu 18:9-22301992
349-bDEU08SODEU04DeuteronomyIsrael's Military Manual.Deu 20:1-20331992
350-aDEU09SODEU05DeuteronomyKeep yourself Pure.Deu 22:13-30331992
350-bDEU10SODEU05DeuteronomyDaily living - God's way.Deu 24:5-22361992
351-aDEU11SODEU06DeuteronomyObedience is blessed, disobedience is cursed.Deu 28:1-68341992
351-bDEU12SODEU06DeuteronomyThe Song of Moses.Deu 31:30-32:47321992
352DEU13SODEU07DeuteronomyThe Death of Moses.Deu 32:48-52311992
353a-aJER01SOJER01Jeremiah - Lessons fromHis Call.Jer 1:1-19331993
353a-bJER02 SOJER01Jeremiah - Lessons fromHis First Sermon.Jer 2:1-3:5321993
353b-aJER03 SOJER02Jeremiah - Lessons fromEnemies within.Jer 5:1-31321993
353b-bJER04 SOJER02Jeremiah - Lessons fromA message to those who like sinning.Jer 7:1-8:3311993
353c-aJER05 SOJER03Jeremiah - Lessons fromFaithfulness.Jer 26:1-24291993
353c-bJER06 SOJER03Jeremiah - Lessons fromWhen Evil is Everywhere.Jer 12:1-17291993
353d-aJER07 SOJER04Jeremiah - Lessons fromHow to prosper in a spiritual recession.Jer 17:5-18301993
353d-bJER08 SOJER04Jeremiah - Lessons fromYou are the Potter.Jer 18331993
353e-aJER09 SOJER05Jeremiah - Lessons fromA Man of God from the inside.Jer 20:7-18401994
353e-bJER10 SOJER05Jeremiah - Lessons fromYour Word is settled in Heaven.Jer 36:1-32281994
353f-aJER11SOJER06Jeremiah - Lessons fromThis way to Blessing.Jer 35:1-19351994
353f-bJER12 SOJER06Jeremiah - Lessons fromBe Warned.Jer 27:1-28:17351994
353g-aJER13SOJER07Jeremiah - Lessons fromThe Fall of Babylon.Jer 51:1-64311994
353g-bJER14 SOJER07Jeremiah - Lessons fromDashed Hopes.Jer 21:1-14301994
353h-aJER15 SOJER08Jeremiah - Lessons fromThe Peril of Counterfeit Repentance.Jer 34:8-22291994
353h-bJER16 SOJER08Jeremiah - Lessons fromWhat to Expect.Jer 37:11-38:28321994
353i-aJER17 SOJER09Jeremiah - Lessons fromGod's Fierce Anger: God's Gentle Care.Jer 39 & 45321994
353i-bJER18SOJER09Jeremiah - Lessons fromWe Change & He does not.Jer 44:1-29351994
354a-aTLP01SOTLP01Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6:9 - 13The Introduction.Mt 6:5-15281992
354a-bTLP02SOTLP01Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6:9 - 13The Preface. Vs9.Isa 40:12-31351992
354b-aTLP03SOTLP02Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6:9 - 13The 1st Petition. Vs9. Hallowed be your NameEx 3:1-15361992
354b-bTLP04SOTLP02Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6:9 - 13The 2nd Petition. Vs9. Your Kingdom ComeMt 13:24-43281992
354c-aTLP05SOTLP03Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6:9 - 13The 3rd Petition. Vs10. Your will be done onJob 1:1-2:10311992
354c-bTLP06SOTLP03Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6:9 - 13The 4th Petition. Vs11. Give us this day our1 Kgs 17:1-16341992
354d-aTLP07SOTLP04Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6:9 - 13The 5th Petition. Vs12. Forgive us our DebtsMtt 18:21-31321992
354d-bTLP08SOTLP04Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6:9 - 13The 6th Petition. Vs13. Lead us not intoMt 4:1-11331992
354eTLP09SOTLP05Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6:9 - 13The Conclusion. Vs13b.Ps 145:1-21291992
355a-aBAS01SOBAS01Back to BasicsThe Bible. Part 1.Ps 19:1-14361992
355a-bBAS02SOBAS01Back to BasicsThe Bible. Part 2.Mt 4:1-11371992
355b-aBAS03SOBAS02Back to BasicsGod: His exisence,being & attributesPs 145:1-21281992
355b-bBAS04SOBAS02Back to BasicsGod: the Holy Trinity.Ex 3:1-6301992
355c-aBAS05SOBAS03Back to BasicsGod: His Sovereignty.1 Kgs 22:1-40341992
355c-bBAS06SOBAS03Back to BasicsMan.Rom 1:16-32321992
355d-aBAS07SOBAS04Back to BasicsSin.Rom 3:10-28311992
355d-bBAS08SOBAS04Back to BasicsThe Lord Jesus Christ (1) Who He Came for.Jhn 10:1-30331992
355e-aBAS09SOBAS05Back to BasicsThe Lord Jesus Christ (2) His Person & Work.Jhn 1:1-18321992
355e-bBAS10SOBAS05Back to BasicsThe Holy Spirit (1) His Person & Work.Jhn 3:1-21361992
355f-aBAS11SOBAS06Back to BasicsThe Holy Spirit (2) & the Individual Christian.Eph 2:1-10331992
355f-bBAS12SOBAS06Back to BasicsJustification by Faith.Lk 15:11-32251992
355g-aBAS13SOBAS07Back to BasicsThe Church.1 Tim 3:1-16361992
355g-bBAS14SOBAS07Back to BasicsThe Future.Lk 16:19-31371992
356a-a SOLSC01Revelation 2 & 3 - Letters to ChurchesChrist's message to a Loveless Church Ephesus.Rev 1:9-2:1-7301992
356a-b SOLSC01Revelation 2 & 3 - Letters to ChurchesChrist's message to a Faithful Church Smyrna.Rev 2:8-11361992
356b-a SOLSC02Revelation 2 & 3 - Letters to ChurchesChrist's message to a Infiltrated ChurchRev 2:12-17401992
356b-b SOLSC02Revelation 2 & 3 - Letters to ChurchesChrist's message to a Broad-minded ChurchRev 2:18-29371992
356c-a SOLSC03Revelation 2 & 3 - Letters to ChurchesChrist's message to a Dying Church Sardis.Rev 3:1-6371992
356c-b SOLSC03Revelation 2 & 3 - Letters to ChurchesChrist's message to a Faithful ChurchRev 3:7-13351992
356d SOLSC04Revelation 2 & 3 - Letters to ChurchesChrist's message to a Lukewarm ChurchRev 3:14-22331992
357-aTGC01SOTGC01Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 2:41 & 47 (Covering Ch1:1-2:47)Acts 2:1-13321994
357-bTGC02SOTGC01Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 4:4 (Covering Ch3:1-4:31)Acts 4:5-31301994
358-aTGC03SOTGC02Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 5:14 (Covering Ch4:32-5:42)Acts 4:32-5:11311994
358-bTGC04SOTGC02Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 6:7 (Covering Ch6:1-7:60)Acts 7:35-60261994
359-aTGC05SOTGC03Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 8:4 (Covering Ch8:1-40)Acts 8:1-25331994
359-bTGC06SOTGC03Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 9:1-30 (When God Converts)Acts 9:1-30321994
360-aTGC07SOTGC04Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 11:1 (Covering Ch9:31-11:18)Acts 11:1-18361994
360-bTGC08SOTGC04Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 12: (Covering Ch11:19-12:24)Acts 12:1-25331994
361-aTGC09SOTGC05Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 13:48-49 (Covering Ch12:25-13:52)Acts 13:13-52331994
361-bTGC10SOTGC05Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 14: (Covering Ch14:1-15:35)Acts 14:1-15:6311994
362-aTGC11SOTGC06Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 17:6b (Covering Ch15:36-17:15)Acts 17:1-15341994
362-bTGC12SOTGC06Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 17:33-34 (Covering Ch17:16-34)Acts 17:16-34341994
363-aTGC13SOTGC07Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 18:8b (Covering Ch18:1-22)Acts 18:1-22331994
363-bTGC14SOTGC07Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 19:20 (Covering Ch18:23-19:41)Acts 19:1-20331994
364-aTGC15SOTGC08Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 20:26-27 (Covering Ch20:1-38)Acts 20:1-38291994
364-bTGC16SOTGC08Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 21:20 (Covering Ch21:1-36)Acts 21:1-36281994
365-aTGC17SOTGC09Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 22:14 (Covering Ch21:37-22:29)Acts 21:37-22:29321994
365-bTGC18SOTGC09Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 23:6 (Covering Ch22:30-23:35)Acts 23:6281994
366-aTGC19SOTGC10Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 24:14-15 (Covering Ch24:1-27)Acts 24:1-27311994
366-bTGC20SOTGC10Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 25:18-19 (Covering Ch25:1-22)Acts 25:1-22271994
367-aTGC21SOTGC11Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 26:29 (Covering Ch25:23-26:32)Acts 25:23-26:32301994
367-bTGC22SOTGC11Acts - They Got ConvertedActs 28:24 (Covering Ch27:1-28:21)Acts 28:11-21391994
368 SOBBL01BibleAn Introduction on the Bible.Ps 119:1-16551977
369 SOBBL02BibleThe Canon of Scripture.Ps 119:17-32601977
370-a SOBBL03BibleThe Authority of the Bible.Ps 119:33-48401977
370-b SOBBL03BibleThe Trustworthiness of the Bible.Ps 119:49-64411977
371-a SOBBL04BibleThe Inspiration of the Bible. Part 1Ps 119:65-80431977
371-b SOBBL04BibleThe Inspiration of the Bible. Part 2Ps 119:81-96411977
372 SOBBL05BibleThe Inspiration of the Bible. Part 3Ps 119:97-112361977
373-aFPC01SOFPC01Five Points of the Compass1. Total Depravity.Rom 9:6-24401994
373-bFPC02SOFPC01Five Points of the Compass2. Unconditional Election.Rom 9:6-24401994
374-aFPC03SOFPC02Five Points of the Compass3. Limited Atonement.[or Particular Redemption]Isa 52:13-53:12381994
374-bFPC04SOFPC02Five Points of the Compass4. Irresistible Grace.Jhn 11:30-44391994
375-aFPC05SOFPC03Five Points of the Compass5. The Perseverance of the Saints. Part 1.Rom 8:28-39341994
375-bFPC06SOFPC03Five Points of the Compass6. The Perseverance of the Saints. Part 2.Mt 7:13-29351994
376-aJAC01SOJAC01Jacob : Genesis Ch 25-50God's ways are not our ways. (Ch25:19-28)Gen 25:19-28291995
376-bJAC02SOJAC01Jacob : Genesis Ch 25-50Don't sell your birth right! (Ch25:29-34)Gen 25:29-34361995
377-aJAC03SOJAC02Jacob : Genesis Ch 25-50God is working His purpose out. (Ch27:1-45)Gen 27:1-45331995
377-bJAC04SOJAC02Jacob : Genesis Ch 25-50A ladder up to Heaven. (Ch27:41-28:22)Gen 27:41-28:22301995
378-aJAC05SOJAC03Jacob : Genesis Ch 25-50Love & Marriage. (Ch29:1-35)Gen 29:1-35271995
378-bJAC06SOJAC03Jacob : Genesis Ch 25-50Settling down. (Ch30:1-43)Gen 30:1-43321995
379-aJAC07SOJAC04Jacob : Genesis Ch 25-50Fallow ground broken up. (Ch31:1-55)Gen 31:1-25301995
379-bJAC08SOJAC04Jacob : Genesis Ch 25-50Contradiction & conquest. (Ch32:1-32)Gen 32:1-32351995
380-aJAC09SOJAC05Jacob : Genesis Ch 25-50What a letdown! (Ch33 & 34)Gen 33:1-20281995
380-bJAC10SOJAC05Jacob : Genesis Ch 25-50Back to Bethel. (Ch35:1-29)Gen 35:1-29281995
381-aJAC11SOJAC06Jacob : Genesis Ch 25-50A Godly man's experienceGen 37 to 46321995
381-bJAC12SOJAC06Jacob : Genesis Ch 25-50Growing Old with GodGen 46 to 48301995
382-aJAC13SOJAC07Jacob : Genesis Ch 25-50What words !Gen 49:1-28331995
382-bJAC14SOJAC07Jacob : Genesis Ch 25-50Home - at last !Gen 49:29-50:14351995
383-a SOPSM13Psalms [1st series]Knowing God.Ps 19:1-14291988
383-b SOPSM13Psalms [1st series]True Happiness.Ps 32:1-11321988
384-a SOPSM14Psalms [1st series]When You Just Don't Know What to do.Ps 142:1-7281989
384-b SOPSM14Psalms [1st series]The Viceroy of God.Ps 8:1-9351989
385-a SOSSN33Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottMatthew 2:1-12 : Wise men from the east.Mt 2:1-12301994
385-b SOSSN33Single Sermons by Stuart OlyottMatthew 2:13-23 : The young Child.Mt 2:13-23301994
386-aCOS01SOCOS01Colossians (2 nd Ed)Greetings & Thanksgiving. (Ch 1:1-8)Col 1:1-14281995
386-bCOS02SOCOS01Colossians (2 nd Ed)Praying for other Christians. (Ch 1:9-12)Col 1:1-14331995
387-aCOS03SOCOS02Colossians (2 nd Ed)This is your Lord ! (Ch 1:12-18)Col 1:9-18321995
387-bCOS04SOCOS02Colossians (2 nd Ed)Christ, His cross & youCol 1:19-23351995
388-aCOS05SOCOS03Colossians (2 nd Ed)You can recognise a true servant of God whenCol 1:19-29321995
388-bCOS06SOCOS03Colossians (2 nd Ed)What do you want for the Church ? (Ch 2:1-10)Col 2:1-10311995
389-aCOS07SOCOS04Colossians (2 nd Ed)Conversion & Freedom. (Ch 2:11-23)Col 2:11-23371995
389-bCOS08SOCOS04Colossians (2 nd Ed)How to live the Christian life. (Ch 3:1-11)Col 3:1-11361995
390-aCOS09SOCOS05Colossians (2 nd Ed)Living the Christian life - with others. (3:12-17)Col 3:12-17321995
390-bCOS10SOCOS05Colossians (2 nd Ed)Living the Christian life - at home. (3:18-4:1)Col 3:18-4:1341995
390a-aCOS11SOCOS06Colossians (2 nd Ed)A Secret Life, a Public Life.Col 4:2-6311995
390a-bCOS12SOCOS06Colossians (2 nd Ed)Paul & His Friends.Col 4:7-18341995
391-aTLE01SOTLE01John 13 - 17 - That Last EveningThe Servant King.Jhn 13:1-17341994
391-bTLE02SOTLE01John 13 - 17 - That Last EveningDisciples - False & True.Jhn 13:18-38341994
392-aTLE03SOTLE02John 13 - 17 - That Last EveningJesus, Jesus all sufficientJhn 14:1-11321995
392-bTLE04SOTLE02John 13 - 17 - That Last EveningBe Sure of This.Jhn 14:1-14311994
393-aTLE05SOTLE03John 13 - 17 - That Last EveningOur Unasked Questions.Jhn 14:15-24291994
393-bTLE06SOTLE03John 13 - 17 - That Last EveningPeace in the Storm.Jhn 14:25-31301994
394-aTLE07SOTLE04John 13 - 17 - That Last EveningThe Vine & the Branches.Jhn 15:1-8301994
394-bTLE08SOTLE04John 13 - 17 - That Last EveningFourfold Love.Jhn 15:9-17321994
395-aTLE09SOTLE05John 13 - 17 - That Last EveningThe World Hates You.Jhn 15:18-25311994
395-bTLE10SOTLE05John 13 - 17 - That Last EveningThe Holy Spirit & His Work.Jhn 15:26-16:15331994
396-aTLE11SOTLE06John 13 - 17 - That Last EveningApproaching Gethsemane.Jhn 16:16-33311994
396-bTLE12SOTLE06John 13 - 17 - That Last EveningThe Lord Jesus Christ prays for Himself.Jhn 17:1-5301994
397-aTLE13SOTLE07John 13 - 17 - That Last EveningThe Lord Jesus Christ prays for His disciples.Jhn 17:6-19301994
397-bTLE14SOTLE07John 13 - 17 - That Last EveningThe Lord Jesus Christ prays for all believers.Jhn 17:20-26301994
398-aZEC01SOZECO1ZechariahThe word of the Lord came...Zech 12:1-14331995
398-bZEC02SOZECO1ZechariahZion, city of our GodZech 2:1-13331995
399-aZEC03SOZECO2ZechariahWhat's the pointZech 3:1-10351995
399-bZEC04SOZECO2ZechariahPure encouragementZech 4:1-14331995
400-aZEC05SOZECO3ZechariahWe should be afraid of sinZech 5:1-11321995
400-bZEC06SOZECO3ZechariahThe Lord is KingZech 2:1-13301995
401-aZEC07SOZECO4ZechariahWhat God really wantsZech 7:1-8:23301995
401-bZEC08SOZECO4ZechariahBehold your King !Zech 9:1-10341995
402-aZEC09SOZECO5ZechariahHis kingdom cannot failZech 9:11-10:12331995
402-bZEC10SOZECO5ZechariahThe rejection of Christ & what followedZech 11:1-17331995
403-aZEC11SOZECO6ZechariahThe church is safe & how to recognize itZech 12:1-14321995
403-bZEC12SOZECO6ZechariahOur salvation, our SaviourZech 13:1-9311995
404-aZEC13SOZECO7ZechariahWhat lies ahead....Zech 14:1-21321995
404-b SOZECO7ZechariahA bird's eye view.Zech461980
405-aSTP01SOSTP01Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)What life is all aboutRomans 11:36411995
405-bSTP02SOSTP01Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)Light in the darkness2 Tim 3:16-17401995
406-aSTP03SOSTP02Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)He is there & He is not silentHeb 11:6421995
406-bSTP04SOSTP02Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)I Am Who I AmJohn 4:24361995
407-aSTP05SOSTP03Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)The Three are oneMatt 28:19271995
407-bSTP06SOSTP03Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)No Chance1 Sam 3:1-21411995
408-aSTP07SOSTP04Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)Something from NothingHebrews 11:3431995
408-bSTP08SOSTP04Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)We fell from thereGenesis 1:27401995
409-aSTP09SOSTP05Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)Adam's Fall was our FallRomans 5:12321996
409-bSTP10SOSTP05Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)Straight Talk about SinRomans 3:23431996
410-aSTP11SOSTP06Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)Who Chose Who2 Tim 1:9401996
410-bSTP12SOSTP06Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)Only One WayActs 4:12361996
411-aSTP13SOSTP07Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)Son of mary Son of GodMatt 1:23291996
411-bSTP14SOSTP07Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)Here is the KeyMatt 16:16331996
412-aSTP15SOSTP08Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)God's last word still speaks2 Tim 3:15391996
412-bSTP16SOSTP08Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)A price for a peopleActs 20:28441996
413-aSTP17SOSTP09Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)King of KingsRevelation 19:16401996
413-bSTP18SOSTP09Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)Behold the ManActs 17:31361996
414-aSTP19SOSTP10Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)Chosen,Called and Faithfull2 Tim 1:9411996
414-bSTP20SOSTP10Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)Right with God2 Cor 5:21371996
415-aSTP21SOSTP11Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)Children of God - and sure of it !Rom 8:16361996
415-bSTP22SOSTP11Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)Called to be saintsHebrews 12:14391996
416STP23SOSTP12Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism)For ever and ever ...Acts 24:15401996
417-aDVD01SOVD01David. A man after God's own heartGod at work1 Sam 16:1-23961937
417-bDVD02SOVD01David. A man after God's own heartThis way to victory1 Sam 17:1-58331996
418-aDVD03SOVD02David. A man after God's own heartLove, hate and God1 Sam 18 19 Psalm 59291996
418-bDVD04SOVD02David. A man after God's own heartHard providences, true friendship1 Sam 20301996
419-aDVD05SOVD03David. A man after God's own heartBacksliding1 Sam 21 1 Sam 22331996
419-bDVD06SOVD03David. A man after God's own heartWaiting on God1 Sam 23 Psalm 27311996
420-aDVD07SOVD04David. A man after God's own heartWaiting for God1 Sam 24 1 Sam 26281996
420-bDVD08SOVD04David. A man after God's own heartCharacter - bad,flawed & beautiful1 Sam 25281996
421-aITA01SO1TA01Is there an answer ?DoubtJohn 20:19-31301996
421-bITA02SO1TA02Is there an answer ?SufferingMatt 25:31-46 2 Cor 12:1-10411996
422-aITA03SO1TA02Is there an answer ?Fear1 John 4:18431996
422-bITA04SO1TA02Is there an answer ?WorryMatt 6:19-34351996
423-aITA05SO1TA03Is there an answer ?DepressionPhil 4:8341996
423-bITA06SO1TA03Is there an answer ?DeathLuke 12:13-21 Luke 16351996
424-aJMS01SOJMS01James (2nd Series)Patience,prayer,humilityJames 1:1-11401995
424-bJMS02SOJMS01James (2nd Series)Two great principlesJames 1:12-201995
425-aJMS03SOJMS02James (2nd Series)The place of God's word in a believer's lifeJames 1:21-27 Psalm 1:1-6371996
425-bJMS04SOJMS02James (2nd Series)Say 'No' to worldly thinkingJames 2:1-3301995
426-aJMS05SOJMS01James (2nd Series)The emptiness of mere wordsJames 2:14-26 Gen 22:1-19311995
426-bJMS06SOJMS03James (2nd Series)All about the tongueJames 3:1-2 Heb 4:14-16301995
427-aJMS07SOJMS04James (2nd Series)Not all wsidom is true wisdomJames 3:13-18951933
427-bJMS08SOJMS04James (2nd Series)The open road to spiritual healthJames 4:1-10331995
428-aJMS09SOJMS05James (2nd Series)Don't take this roadJames 4:11-17311996
428-bJMS10SOJMS05James (2nd Series)Christian counter-cultureJames 5:1-12331996
429-aJMS11SOJMS05James (2nd Series)Pray always prayJames 5:13-18321996
429-bJMS12SOJMS06James (2nd Series)Spiritual wanderingJames 5:19-20341996
430-a SOPLU01People like usA man versus God - PharaohExodus 9:16951939
430-b SOPLU01People like usWhat's the point of life - SolomonEccl 1 Eccl 2951933
431-a SOPLU02People like usGoid has mercy on who he will - NebuchadnezzarDaniel 4:28-37421995
431-b SOPLU02People like usThe man who God gave up: Saul1 Sam 15:22-23381995
432 SOPLU03People like usThe making of a man of God: JosephGen 50:19-20431995
433-a SOBGL01Bugle Calls to wake us up to live for ChristOnly one lifeHeb 9:27 Matt 22:35381995
433-b SOBGL01Bugle Calls to wake us up to live for ChristWhata Jesus taught about discipleshipluke 14:25-35381995
434-a SOBGL02Bugle Calls to wake us up to live for ChristZeal, false & trueRomans 2:11381995
434-b SOBGL02Bugle Calls to wake us up to live for ChristThe Last Day2 Thess 1:1-12391995
435-a SOTXT05Selected TextsWords you cannot ignoreMatt 7:13-14 Matt 25:1-13471995
435-b SOTXT05Selected TextsWhen the world treats you unkindly Peter 3:9-17381995
436-a SOTXT06Selected TextsAsking for the Holy SpiritLuke 11:13 Jhn 15 Lk 11381995
436-b SOTXT06Selected TextsDon't harden your heartsHeb 3:15 Mk 3 Mk 6 Mk 8431995
437-a SOTXT07Selected TextsThe most basic truth of allRomans 10:9-10 Lk 15:11-32311996
437-b SOTXT07Selected TextsExamine yourself2 Cor 13:5 2 Cor 12:14311918
438-a SOTXT08Selected TextsBurning HeartsLuke 24:32351996
438-b SOTXT08Selected TextsWhen preaching killsIsaiah 6:9-10361996
439-a SOTXT09Selected TextsChurch GrowthActs 9:31371996
439-b SOTXT09Selected TextsDo you also go away ?John 6:41-71301996
440PHM01SOPHM01PhilemonThe Epistle to Philemon and usPhilemon 1371995
441-a SOTXT10Selected TextsDo all to the Glory of God1 Cor 10:31351996
441-b SOTXT10Selected TextsBring God onto the Field2 Kings 19:14351996
442-a SOTXT11Selected TextsNow Then and AfterwardsIsaiah 51:6391996
442-b SOTXT11Selected TextsThe Holy FireLuke 3:16391996
443-a SOTXT12Selected TextsThem & US1 Cor 1:18331996
443-b SOTXT12Selected TextsAnathema, Marantha1 Cor 16:22361996
444-a SOTXT13Selected TextsPainted fire needs no fuelJames 1:22331996
444-b SOTXT13Selected TextsCoing to ChristJohn 6:37331996
445-a SOTXT14Selected TextsThe Last Enemy Destroyed1 Cor 15:26341996
445-b SOTXT14Selected TextsFullnes of JoyPsalm 16:11321997
446-a SOTXT15Selected TextsDrawing Near to GodPsalms 73:28351997
446-b SOTXT15Selected TextsThe Greates thing is Love1 Cor 13:13351997
447-a SOTXT16Selected TextsOvercoming Temptation1 Cor 10:13341997
447-b SOTXT16Selected TextsWhen the King comes backMatt 25:32401997
448-a SOTXT17Selected TextsLook - and LiveNumbers 21:9 John 3351997
448-b SOTXT17Selected TextsThree Houses in the same streetLuke 11:14-26331997
449-aASP01SOASP01Aspects of SpiritualityAn Introduction...Psalm 42221996
449-bASP02SOASP01Aspects of SpiritualityMeditationPsalm 119:97-105351996
450-aASP03SOASP02Aspects of SpiritualitySolitudePsalm 25:1-22351996
450-bASP04SOASP02Aspects of SpiritualityPrayerEx 32:1-14 Acts 4:18-31321996
451-aASP05SOASP03Aspects of SpiritualityPrayerMatt 6:1-15 Psalm 73281996
451-bASP06SOASP03Aspects of SpiritualityFastingMatt 2:18-22 Matt 6:18-18321996
452-aASP07SOASP04Aspects of SpiritualityStudy - to use your mindPsalm 19:1-14331996
452-bASP08SOASP04Aspects of SpiritualityStudy (2) Book & non book1 Tim 4:1-16291996
453-aASP09SOASP05Aspects of SpiritualitySimplicityMatt 6:24-34351997
453-bASP10SOASP05Aspects of SpiritualityService & HumilityJohn 13:1-17321997
454ASP11SOASP06Aspects of Spirituality David HardingFamily Worship?1997
455-aMRK01SOMRK01MarkThe stage is setMark 1:1-20301996
455-bMRK02SOMRK01MarkHim & UsMark 1:21-45331996
456-aMRK03SOMRK02MarkThe Gospel is differentMark 2:1-22321996
456-bMRK04SOMRK02MarkEnemies and FriendsMark 2:22-3:19321996
457-aMRK05SOMRK03MarkThree blunt questionsMark 3:20-35361996
457-bMRK06SOMRK03MarkHow spiritual work is doneMark 4:1-20321996
458-aMRK07SOMRK04MarkGreat spiritual principlesMark 4:21-34261996
458-bMRK08SOMRK04MarkO Look & Come to the Man whi is GodMark 4:35-5:43311996
459-aMRK09SOMRK05MarkThis way to HellMark 6:1-29281996
459-bMRK10SOMRK05MarkWhat care ! What power !Mark 6:30-56291996
460-aMRK11SOMRK06MarkTrue religionMark 7:1-23331996
460-bMRK12SOMRK06MarkHe uses power for othersMark 7:24-8:10281996
461-aMRK13SOMRK07MarkFour lessons in Christ's schoolMark 8:11-38301996
461-bMRK14SOMRK07MarkOn the mountain & in the valleyMark 9:1-29321997
462-aMRK15SOMRK08MarkThis is how the Kingdom ticksMark 9:30-50301997
462-bMRK16SOMRK08MarkThe mind of Christ - divorce,children,wealth,troubledMark 10:1-31301997
463-aMRK17SOMRK09MarkOn the way to JerusalemMark 10:32-52321997
463-bMRK18SOMRK09MarkThree glimpses of the futureMark 11:1-21271997
464-aMRK19SOMRK10MarkMaking the impossible happenMark 11:22-26 Mt 18:21-35291997
464-bMRK20SOMRK10MarkSome people just do not want truthMark 11:27-12:12311997
465-aMRK21SOMRK11MarkThree clever trapsMark 12:13-34321997
465-bMRK22SOMRK11MarkWho He is & What he doesMark 1:1-20321997
466-a SOSSN35Single sermonsThe Saviour describes HimselfIsiaiah 50301996
466-b SOSSN35Single sermonsOur message1 John 1:1-2:2381996
467-a SOSAM011 SamuelGod calls His man1 Samuel 1:1-2:1321997
467-b SOSAM011 SamuelGod prepares His man1 Samuel 2:1294:11997
468-a SOSAM021 SamuelFighting & Conquering Evil1 Sam 4:1-18401997
468-b SOSAM021 SamuelMeeting & disappointment1 Samuel 7:13-8:22351997
469-a SOSAM031 SamuelNot by chance1 Samuel 9:1-10_16281997
469-b SOSAM031 SamuelHe got off to a good start1 Samuel 10:17-12:25281997
470-a SOSAM041 SamuelWhere it all went wrong1 Samuel 13:1-23301997
470-b SOSAM041 SamuelSpiritual deterioration1 Samuel 15:1-35341997
471-a SOSAM051 SamuelLight & Darkness1 Samuel 16:1-23341997
471-b SOSAM051 SamuelBeware of jealousy1 Samuel 18:1-30321997
472-a SOSAM061 SamuelBeware of jealousy (Part2)1 Samuel 19:30271997
472-b SOSAM061 SamuelLight darkness & death1 Samuel 28&31361997
473-a SOHOS01HoseaThe Severity & Goodness of GodHosea 1:1-2291997
473-b SOHOS01HoseaBackslidingHosea 2:2-23251997
474-a SOHOS02HoseaThe way homeHosea 3:1-5221997
474-b SOHOS02HoseaGod as protectorHosea 4:1-19221997
475-a SOHOS03HoseaCertain JudgementHosea 5:1-15221997
475-b SOHOS03HoseaLet us return to the LordHosea 6:1-11221997
476-a SOHOS04HoseaA message so clearHosea 7:1-16191997
476-b SOHOS04HoseaSelf-help is no helpHosea 8:1-4221997
477-aOOL01SOOOL01Only One LifeSoon cut off - we fly awayPsalm90:1-17351998
477-bOOL02SOOOL01Only One LifeNeither cold nor hotRevelation 3:14-22371998
478-aOOL03SOOOL02Only One LifeNo holiness - no heavenActs4:32-5:11351998
478-bOOL04SOOOL02Only One LifeLife now, and for everActs 13:26-52411998
479-aOOL05SOOOL03Only One LifeBeing sure of your election1 Thess 1:1-10431998
479-bOOL06SOOOL03Only One LifeThe power of a testimonyJohn 4:1-2331998
480-aOOL07SOOOL04Only One LifeThe universe on fire2 Peter 3:1-18401998
480-bOOL08SOOOL04Only One LifeTerror, comfort & excitementJob 19:1-29411998
481-aOOL09SOOOL05Only One LifeFamous last words2 Timothy 3:12-4-8361998
481-bOOL10SOOOL05Only One LifeWhat happens when I die ?John 20:1-31431998
482-a SOTXT25Selected TextsDoes your faith have firm foudations?Matt7:13-29 Lk 6:46-49331998
482-b SOTXT25Selected TextsThe past, present & future1 John 2:15-3:3341998
484-a SOSSN36Single sermonsWe beheld Hos gloryJohn 1:1-18 Matt 1:18-25301997
484-b SOSSN36Single sermonsThe first baptising serviceActs 2:1-47251998
485 SOSSN37Single sermonsHasn't science disproved the bibleGen 1:1-2:3481998
486-a SO2CR012 CorinthiansSuffering, comfort, deliverance2 Cor 1:1-11311997
486-b SO2CR012 CorinthiansHuman words and God's words2 Cor 1:12-22301997
487-a SO2CR022 CorinthiansThe importance of good relationships2 Cor 1:23 - 2:12281997
487-b SO2CR022 CorinthiansTrue messengers and counterfeits2 Cor 2:14-3:6301997
488-a SO2CR032 CorinthiansThe glory of the new covenant2 Cor 3:7-18301997
488-b SO2CR032 CorinthiansPaul answers his critics2 Cor 4:1-6291997
489-a SO2CR042 CorinthiansTreasure in earthen vessels2 Cor 4:7-18321997
489-b SO2CR042 CorinthiansDying to live !2 Cor 5:1-10331997
490-a SO2CR052 CorinthiansBe reconciled to God2 Cor 5:11-21331997
490-b SO2CR052 CorinthiansWorkers together with Him2 Cor 6:1-10301997
491-a SO2CR062 CorinthiansOpening & closing the heart2 Cor 6:11-7:4311997
491-b SO2CR062 CorinthiansAll about feelings2 Cor 7:5-16281997
492-a SO2CR072 CorinthiansThe gift of giving2 Cor 8:1-24241998
492-b SO2CR072 CorinthiansSowing & reaping2 Cor 9:1-15261998
493-a SO2CR0822 CorinthiansHow to recognise a true minister2 Cor 10:1-18261998
493-b SO2CR082 CorinthiansLight which is darkness2 Cor 11:1-15271998
494-a SO2CR092 CorinthiansWhere there is weakness god is at work2 Cor 11:16-33261998
494-b SO2CR092 CorinthiansWeak equals strong2 Cor 12:1-12331998
495-a SO2CR102 CorinthiansHorizontal xtian living2 Cor 12:13-13:4291998
495-b SO2CR102 CorinthiansWhat we should want for each other2 Cor 13:5-14321998

Who is Stuart Olyott?

Stuart Olyott is a christian who spoke the word of God at Belvidere Road Church, Liverpool, England. During the 1980's and 1990's his sermons were recorded onto tapes which are now in the process of being transferred to MP3s. Stuart provides great clarity on issues which he is not afriad to tackle. This makes the sermons immensely valuable and relevant today for both the unbeliever and devoted christian.

What are MP3s?

An MP3 is a compressed audio file. Because an MP3 is a file, it acts as any other file on a computer - it can be saved on a computer, cd, etc. Since MP3s have become so popular there are now other devices apart from computers which can play MP3s - such as portable MP3 players, in-car MP3 players or cd players with mp3 capabilities.

Why MP3s?

The initial priority was to digitise the sermons. This way, a permanent and non-degrading copy could be made since the existing sermons are on tape! However, simply saving the sermons from the tape in the basic format (.wav) would occupy 200MB per sermon. With over 1000 sermons there soon becomes too much data to store, and such quantites of data could not be backed up easily. Through some investigation and trial and error each sermon is now around 6MB - thanks to MP3s. MP3s can compress the information substantially without affecting the sound quality too much (I dont think you will notice). This allows the files to be easily distributed over the most common means - the Internet and cds. Since the Internet can be utilised by any computer, MP3s are a good choice because they are platform-independent. There are free MP3 players for all platforms and MP3s can also be played on portable devices. These are the key reason MP3 technology has been chosen over WMA or OggVorbis.

Why are only some of the MP3s here?

The tapes which are currently available will show as a link. Some of the links are italic to indicate that there was a problem with the sermon. Hover over, or click these links to see the problem. All the remaining tapes which do not have a link have not been converted to mp3s. The aim is to convert all the tapes in the index, however each one must be recorded in real time and it therefore takes a long time to convert them all. Be patient. Another reason could be due to your browser not showing the latest changes. When viewing the page, click the refresh button.

How do I just play them from here?

Just click a link and your computer should do the rest. The technique the computer uses is called pseudo-streaming. If your connection is slow it will probably sound intermittently. If it doesn't work, just download them.

How do I download them for my computer?

For Windows machines, find a tape number which is a link and right click it, select 'Save Target As'. Save it somewhere on your computer where you will remember.

Why does it take ages to download?

The computer you are connecting to is not a normal internet server. In fact it is simply my machine at home (albeit a dedicated server) on a broadband connection. Should demand be high - typically upto 10 users, then the connection is likely to be slow or even refuse you. If you begin to get frustrated with the site, let me know so that I can step up the system. The site could be transferred to professionals who have all the right equiptment, but at a cost. I have not checked this out but is likely to be a high cost because of the large amount of data the site holds. If anyone is interested in helping out at this stage, please contact me on In the meantime, you could download a program which allows you to resume downloading a file when the connection breaks (for instance getright on Windows).

I have an MP3 file, now how do I play them on my computer?

There are many MP3 players available, and it is likely that your computer is already equipped to play MP3s. Give it a go! Find an MP3 file and open it. See what happens. For Windows users, if some sort of 'Open with' dialog window appears, then you do not have an MP3 player on your computer. Regardless of whether you have a default player, you can always just download another, such as the small, simple coolplayer.exe.

Can the quality be improved?

There are plenty of techniques to improve the quality of the files. The most popular would be to normalise the volume which can increase the volume without turning your speakers up. The second (as you will realise when you increase the volume) is to reduce the noise. I have made the decision to concentrate on digitising the tapes, and only if the tape is particularly bad will I improve the quality.

What is the situation with the copyright?

Stuart Olyott owns the copyright to these sermons. I have been given permission to store, reproduce, copy, distribute and transmit this material. You are free to download and copy these sermons in unedited form on the condition that it shall be a free and unconditional gift to others. The material carries the appropriate '© Stuart Olyott' along with the year recorded on each sermon as it gets migrated to the new site.

Faulty Index/Tapes

tapes reason
023-bside b is blank
180-bside b does not contain this sermon
302-bside b is blank
476-bbad recording - too quiet to restore

Added Since Online

date tapes series
20May0445-60Corinthians - First Letter
28May0455Corinthians - First Letter
03Jun0456-a,bcorrected order(a=b, b=a)
03Jun04373-375Five Points of the Compass
18Jun04398a-404Zechariah (missing 402)
22Jun04355fBack to basics
22Jun04356a-dRevelation 2&3 - Letters to Churches
22Jun04385Single Sermon
22Jun04398Contemporary Issues
22Jun044711 Samuel
22Jun04195,203,485Single Sermons
24Jun04354a-eThe Lord's Prayer
01Jun04421Is There An Answer?
13Jul04353a-iJeremiah - Lessons from
15Jul04422,423Is there an Answer?
16Jul04424-429James (2nd Series)
16Jul04430-432People like us
24Jul04433-448Selected Texts
17Aug04449-454Aspects of Spirituality
30Aug04466-4721 Samuel
11Oct04230-234Psalms [1st Series]
18Feb0582bSingle Sermons
18Feb0583John Second & Third Letter
18Feb05123-132Single Sermons
18Feb05138-140Timothy - First Letter
18Feb05140-144Psalms [1st series]
18Apr05145-147Psalms [1st Series]
18May05194-204Single Sermons
18May05242-244Survey of the Old Testament
07Jun05398,398arenamed 398 to 275, and 398a to 398
07Jun05147-bremoved since referred to separate duplicate sermon
13Jun05185-188Peter - Second Letter
13Jun05194-bSingle Sermons - father forgive them
13Jun05201Single Sermons - farewell / worry
13Jun05245-b,247-258Survey of the Old Testament
13Jun05275Contemporary Issues - your mind / your conscience
13Jun05383Psalms [1st series] - knowing god / true happiness
13Jun05478-481Only One Life
13Jun05482Selected Texts
13Jun05484Single Sermons
13Jun05487-4952 Corinthians
29Jun0512-14Song of Solomon
08Jul05432Joseph - was missing section
08Jul05477Only One Life
12Jul054862 Corinthians
24Jul05244-aOld Testament - Deuteronomy
24Jul051882 Peter - was missing section
24Jul05259-263Old Testament
09Aug05432Joseph - was missing section still!
07Sep05208-b,209-aSwapped order
05Jun06312d-a,bFeminism/Abortion - was missing
26Feb07313e-a,bSlavery or Freedom/God's work and God's worker - was missing
26Feb07039-aJesus - Enemy, Celebrity or Friend - was missing
21Jun07extrasJude - Beware of fifth columnists, Descriptions and Reindeers and Remaining Surefooted.
15Oct07264-274Contemporary Issues
15Oct07365dRevelation 2 & 3 - last in series
12Nov07264-aWas missing 7 mins off the end
27Feb08275Provided by kybr
27Feb08298a-fProvided by kybr
27Feb08320a-320oProvided by kybr (note this is encoded at 12khz, not 22050hz)
27Feb08314-318fSingle Sermons